Sep 15, 2021


Interviewer: Why you should exercise while you're pregnant. Dr. Amy Sullivan is a perinatologist. What do you want women to know about exercise and pregnancy?

Dr. Sullivan: Well, I'd like women to know that there are many benefits of exercise in pregnancy. There are also very few conditions that would limit exercise in pregnancy. And finally, there are very few activities that one needs to avoid.

Interviewer: So you would say for the average woman, absolutely get out and exercise while you're pregnant. What are some of the benefits, other than it makes you feel good?

Dr. Sullivan: Well, the first thing, of course, it helps decrease the chance of excessive weight gain and it also helps people lose weight postpartum. And also, exercise helps decrease the risk of cesarean section. It's also important for emotional health and helps decrease the risk of postpartum depression. And they also have a better labor and delivery experience.

Interviewer: And when should you start tapering off?

Dr. Sullivan: Never. They can exercise until their due date.

updated: September 15, 2021
originally published: March 2, 2017

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