Aug 22, 2017

Interview Transcript

Announcer: The Heath Minute, produced by the University of Utah Health.

Interviewer: It's back to school time, and today Dr. Troy Madsen has the top three reasons college students could end up in the ER.

Dr. Madsen: Okay, so number three is kind of an obvious one. It's alcohol and drug use. Students get away from home, they experiment with new things, that can lead to some problems.

Number two, injuries. It's not uncommon that we see students who were at a football game, they rushed the football field after a win, flip over the bars onto the field, and break both their forearms. We also see a lot of long boarding injuries in the ER.

And number one is kind of a serious one. It's mental health issues. Students may stop taking their medications, or they may have new problems that come up. So if you're a parent and your kid is away at college, I'd say stay in touch, know what's going on in their life. And if you're a student, as fun as it might be, don't rush the football field.

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