FTM Mastectomy

FTM Mastectomy

Female-to-male chest reconstruction, commonly referred to as “top surgery” involves removing your unwanted breasts and reconstructing the skin, nipples, and areolas to create a masculine looking chest.

The techniques we use include the double incision, keyhole, or a combination of these depending on your breast size and shape. You will discuss the technique with your surgeon at the first consultation.

The providers follow the WPATH Standards of Care, which recommend one letter from a qualified mental health care professional prior to the surgery.

Top Surgery Doctors

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MTF Breast Augmentation

Male-to-female chest surgery involves breast implants and sometimes fat grafting to increase the size and improve the shape of the breasts. It is typically performed after at least one year of hormone therapy to allow for maximal breast growth. You will be required to temporarily stop the hormones prior to surgery to decrease the risk of blood clots.

Before Your Appointment

Before your appointment, we advise that you contact your insurance carrier to determine whether transgender chest surgery is a covered benefit. After you have had your first appointment, we can contact them to obtain a pre-authorization prior to the surgery.

If you do not have coverage, we will provide you with an out-of-pocket cost estimate.