With so few organs available for transplantation, living donation is the best way we have to continue to save lives. Transplanting organs from a living donor is the best means of donation because of the following benefits:

  • The quality of organs that are donated by living donors is usually better than organs from deceased donors. These organs last nearly twice as long.
  • The waiting time for a patient needing a transplant can be significantly shorter.
  • The procedure can be scheduled at a time that's convenient for both the donor and recipient.
  • The time between removing the organ (or part of the organ) and transplanting it in the recipient is less.
  • There is a lower chance of rejection. Also, the organ recipient will need fewer and lower doses of anti-rejection medication.

Living Kidney Donation

University of Utah Health's Transplant Center offers a living kidney donation program to help patients who need kidneys find a faster donation option.

Living Liver Donation

Did you know that donating part of your liver is a safe medical procedure? Each year, we help patients who need a liver transplant find a donation from a living donor. Plese contact us to learn if our living liver donation program is right for you.

Financial Resources

Are you considering living organ donation but are worried about costs of care? Learn more by reading the American Society of Transplantation's Live Donor Financial Toolkit.