Child and Adolescent Services

Treating Children & Teens’ Mental & Behavioral Health

Inpatient hospital treatment is offered for children and adolescents who are suffering an acute mental or behavioral health issue. The hospital offers three distinct units for youth patients: One for latency aged children, 5–12; and two units dedicated for adolescent patients. This allows for each unit to sustain an environment appropriate to varying age and developmental needs of each youth. 

Our patient-centered care is provided by a collaborative treatment team. Maintaining safety and respect are paramount while the psychiatrist and team of social worker, nurse, expressive therapist, and psychologist assess and implement treatment to help stabilize the patient and prepare a discharge plan for the next level of care.

Patient and family education, elements essential to the therapeutic process, are delivered through individual, group, and family meetings. Medication management is supported by interventions from acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy.