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addiction recovery

Addiction Recovery Services

At UNI we are committed to providing high quality, individualized addiction treatment in all stages of the recovery cycle. We offer a variety of adult treatment programs for substance abuse on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Treatment involves group therapy and activities along with a customized discharge plan for each individual when they leave the institute.

Child & Adolescent Services

For children and teens, UNI’s services include therapy, counseling, hospital services, day treatment programs, and our Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Program (CAT). Each of these offers access to highly specialized experts with a wide range of experience and knowledge of the latest techniques and evidence-based medicine.

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Crisis Intervention & Hospital Diversion Services

UNI has 24-hour access to trained crisis counselors via our CrisisLine. Speak to counselors for support during a mental health or psychiatric crisis. We also have a Warm Line where you can reach peer specialists to support you and help you resolve problems. In addition, UNI supports a Mobile Crisis Outreach Team for Salt Lake County residents, which provide a face-to-face response for behavioral health crises.

hospital services

Hospital Services

UNI’s in-hospital services are for individuals with severe mental health problems who cannot remain safe in an outside environment. When patients enter our hospital, we monitor our patients for safety, clarify the condition or diagnosis, and focus on a treatment plan and medication schedule. Our services also include therapy for the individual and family.

Nutrition Care Services

Nutrition Care Services

Nutrition can be a difficult thing to maintain during detox recovery or a hospital stay. Our specialists in nutrition work with patients to help them develop good eating habits and learn about the best way to care for themselves.

behavioral clinics

Outpatient Services

Our Behavioral Health Clinics offer psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, therapy, counseling, and medication management for adults and children. We have a range of specialists that can help you determine the best therapy and treatment for your individual case. They can help diagnose your condition and give you recommendations and management techniques customized to your needs.

Specialty Programs

UNI sponsors several specialty programs. These include the Comprehensive Assessment & Treatment Program for children and teenagers, our clinic offering options for treatment resistant mood disorders, the Neurobehavior HOME program for individuals with developmental disabilities, the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic, and experiential and expressive therapies, such as ROPES therapy. We also have a TeleBehavioral Health Program to help community physicians and hospitals with crisis evaluation and consultations.