The HOME Program is a coordinated care program for people with developmental disabilities where we provide both medical and mental health care. People enrolled in this program receive comprehensive and coordinated care services as part of their Medicaid eligibility.

All enrollees have their Medicaid card changed to the "HOME" option and receive mental health and primary care in the HOME clinic. Other specialty services are provided through University of Utah Health or through the person's third party health insurance.

Eligibility Requirements

Enrollees must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Receive Utah Medicaid
  • Have a developmental disability
  • Have mental health or behavioral challenges
  • Desire to receive both primary medical care and mental health care from our program

The HOME program is enrolling patients on a first come first served basis. If you have an interest in receiving services through the HOME Program, call Medicaid at 801-538-9154 to see if you qualify.

As openings occur, people at the top of the list will receive an intake packet. When we receive the completed packet, we will contact you for an appointment. If you have submitted a referral to Medicaid and received an intake packet at any time in the past, you can submit it to the program. We honor all previous applications.