The Psychology Internship Program at UNI is an APA accredited* program that provides comprehensive clinical training for child, adolescent, and adult populations with severe and diverse psychopathology. Students eligible for the internship must have completed all coursework in an APA-approved doctoral program in clinical, counseling, or school psychology.

Program Experience

UNI currently offers four full-time doctoral-level internship positions. All interns complete three full-time, four-month rotations. Interns are involved in selecting their preferred rotations from the four clinical populations that are available: youth day treatment, adolescent-focused inpatient, child-focused inpatient, and adult inpatient. For prospective applicants, more detailed information about the internship can be found in the Psychology Internship Handbook. The internship program provides experience with:

  • Training in numerous treatment modalities and various assessment techniques,
  • Knowledge of hospital practice, and
  • Exposure to matters of professional practice.

The internship provides intensive experiential training in the core areas of psychology practice including:

  • Evidence-based interventions
  • Evidence-based diagnosis and assessment
  • Consultation and interdisciplinary communication and collaboration
  • Integrating research into clinical practice
  • Addressing individual and cultural diversity
  • Application of ethical and legal standards to practice
  • Supervision
  • Professional values, attitudes, and behaviors

All training occurs in an atmosphere of collaborative interactions with supervisors and senior staff members. Internship training is accomplished through:

  • Direct clinical experience,
  • Individual and group supervision,
  • Didactic seminars,
  • Treatment team staffing,
  • Psychotherapy seminar,
  • Professional consultations,
  • Peer-group meetings,
  • Continuing professional education,
  • Grand rounds presentations, and
  • Scholarly readings.

The breadth and depth of clinical experience combined with our training seminars/activities, and quality supervision creates a unique and excellent clinical internship experience. The goal is to prepare interns for professional practice in a variety of settings.

All internship appointments are of a continuous 12-month period beginning at the end of August. Interns are paid a stipend of $25,000 and receive a comprehensive health/dental insurance benefits package, and paid time off.


Ethnic minority and culturally diverse students are strongly encouraged to apply. For more comprehensive information, please review the Psychology Internship Handbook. For additional information and questions, please contact us.

Internship Staff

UNI's professional staff includes ten licensed psychologists who are direct supervisors for the internship program and seven licensed psychologists who fulfill other roles related to the internship. Psychology staff members participate and support the internship training program in a variety of ways. They may provide individual intern supervision and mentoring, participate in didactic training and seminars, provide consultation, contribute to psychology staff meetings and treatment team rounds, provide case conferences, participate as members of the psychology training committee and/or assist with ongoing program evaluation.

*Accredited by the American Psychological Association Commission on Accreditation
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