ROPES course at UNI
R ecreation: An opportunity to have fun!
O bservation: Learn about yourself and others.
P roblem Solving: Demonstrate your skills.
E xperiential Education: Learn by doing.
S elf Esteem: Feel great about yourself!

The UNI ROPES Program is a rich resource available to community organizations and agencies, university groups, and businesses. Our beautiful challenge course is one of the largest courses in the state. It includes 11 individual and team challenge events for a total of 25 high and low events on the course. Highly trained, outcome-focused facilitators work with you to meet your objectives and enrich the growth and cohesion opportunity for your group.

Participate in ROPES

Our clients include the following:

  • Community based adult and youth agencies, organizations, and treatment groups
  • Therapeutic groups, residential programs, parent weekends, and recovery groups
  • Corporate clients seeking team alignment, increased trust, outcome management, and the ultimate staff meeting
  • University groups, departments, courses and teams

Contact Us

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Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Fax: 801-585-6363