What is a Challenge or ROPES course?

A challenge/ropes course is a collection of various elements constructed mainly of cables and wood. We describe the elements as ground, low, or high. Ground and low elements create opportunities for group effort, communication, insightful problem solving, and cooperation. The high elements focus more on individual accomplishment requiring team support. Our physical course is an indoor and outdoor course which consists of twelve high elements, over fifteen low elements, and an unlimited number of ground initiative games and equipment.

Who can participate?

All types of groups are welcome and encouraged to attend. Work groups, youth groups, sports teams, faculty, staff, and students are all welcome. We will customize a course for your group and make the most of your time investment.

How many people can be in a group?

A minimum of eight participants and a maximum of approximately 50 can be accommodated on the outdoor course. Large groups are often divided into small groups of 10–15. During the winter, groups of approximately 20 or less can be accommodated indoors.

What is the price of participation?

Program fees vary depending on the size of the group, duration, and complexity. Courses are designed to meet your organization's needs and can vary in length. Typical courses range from four to eight hours. To schedule a course and discuss training design and cost, call the ROPES course coordinator at 801-587-3148 or request a price quote via email.

When is the course open?

The outdoor course is available for scheduling seven days a week during daylight hours weather permitting. Evening and winter courses are available indoors for smaller groups.

Do I have to be super fit to participate?

No, varying levels of ability are expected. Experiential education activities at UNI can be physical without requiring top physical fitness. Each course is customized for the group based on the information provided in the goal sheet, and there is a role for everyone on team activities.

Who facilitates the experience?

Our facilitators are nationally trained professionals from the field of therapeutic recreation, outdoor recreation, and other health care professions.

Is there an age requirement?

Participants must be age nine or older. Please contact us if you have questions about younger participants or a group with a mix of ages.

Why is the course at UNI?

University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI) is part of University of Utah Health, and the UNI ROPES course is on the grounds of UNI. The course was originally built to be used exclusively by UNI groups. Over the years community interest in the course has grown and the program has changed to accommodate groups from the community.

How do I schedule a group?

Call 801-587-3148 or email to check price and course availability. Scheduling can be completed months in advance and early reservatons are recommended for dates in June through August.

I’ve scheduled a group; now what?

Download a leader packet. Complete and return the goal sheet and pass out assumption of risk and medical disclosure forms to your group members. Full document packet

I’m in group that is coming to the course, now what?

Download/print a copy of the participant packet. Read and sign the assumption of risk and medical disclosure forms from the packet. You must bring both completed forms on the day of the course. Participants under 18 will need a parent/guardian signature. Review our tips for preparing for ROPES.


If you have any questions please contact us, in your message please state the name of your group and the date you will be attending the course.