Treating Stone-Disease Related Conditions

The urology clinic provides state-of-the-art surgical and non-surgical treatment of all stone disease-related conditions, giving patients the best outcomes possible. Urology specialists will give patients a full evaluation resulting in an individualized treatment plan that includes preventative care to reduce the possibility of future episodes.

Treatment Techniques

Specialists in the department also use endourology and laparoscopic surgery as treatment techniques. Endourology is a minimally invasive approach to treating primarily kidney stones, but also other urologic conditions, such as ureteral/intra-renal strictures and other disorders obstructing the urinary flow.

For some patients, laparoscopy is a treatment option that can be used to both diagnose and treat a number of urological conditions. Laparoscopy provides a minimally invasive approach to treating surgical disorders of the kidney, including stones and kidney cancers.