For some patients, surgery may be an option to correct problems that can lead to loss or disease of the genital skin or genitals. Our urological specialists are experts in treating and correcting these conditions.

Problems that can lead to genital reconstruction surgery may include:

  • Fournier's gangrene,
  • Lymphedema,
  • Excessive weight gain,
  • Complications from penile enhancement surgery, and
  • Buried or hidden penis.

Serious Infections of the Genitals (Fournier's Gangrene)

Particularly in diabetic men, life-threatening infections can occur that affects the skin of the penis, scrotum, anus, and perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum). Patients often become very ill with high fevers and emergency surgery is needed to remove the infected skin, in order to save the patient’s life.

After Surgery

After surgery there is a large defect in the area where the skin was removed. The underlying structures and tissue of the penis and testicles is exposed when the skin is removed and needs to be repaired. This problem is best repaired with skin flaps or grafts placed over the testicles and the penis.

Skin Grafts

Skin grafts are usually taken from the thigh or the abdomen. Sometimes the testicles are placed into pouches made in the thigh to protect them if a skin graft cannot be fashioned to cover them. The recuperation from this problem can take some time and patients are often best treated in a hospital with a burn intensive care unit since treatment of the skin problem is very similar to the treatment of a serious burn.