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What are the symptoms of most voice problems?

Hoarseness is one of the most common symptoms of voice problems. Other common symptoms of voice disorders include effortful talking, persistent pain or sore throat with voice use, reduced volume, chronic cough or throat clearing, and reduced vocal endurance.

What are some examples of voice disorders?

Some examples include recurrent laryngitis, vocal fold paralysis, presbylaryngeus (aging voice), papilloma, cancer of the vocal folds, benign essential tremor, vocal fold web, muscle tension dysphonia, and benign vocal fold growths such as polyps, nodules, cysts, and granulomas. There are also some breathing disorders that are related to the larynx (voice box) rather than the lungs. These disorders may or may not affect the voice, but are also treated at our center.

How are voice disorders treated?

The Voice Disorders Center at the University of Utah provides a number of different behavioral, pharmaceutical, surgical, and medical management options. A proper diagnosis and thorough evaluation are necessary prior to treatment planning.

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To make an appointment please call 801-587-8368 and ask for an appointment at the Voice Disorders Center.

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