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  • Bootcamp
  • Circuit Training
  • Core Training
  • Express Classes
    • Express Bootcamp
    • Express Core
    • Express Strength
  • Functional Fitness
    • Functional Fitness
    • Functional Fitness @ 383 Colorow
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Pilates Mat
  • Recreational Basketball
  • Strength & Strengthen
    • Stretch and Strengthen
    • Stretch and Strengthen @ University of Utah Hospital 
    • Stretch and Strengthen in Research Park
  • Swimming for Fitness
  • Weight Training 
  • Yoga
    • Yoga for Strength 
    • Yoga: Active Vinyasa 
    • Yoga: Active Vinyasa in the Marriott Library
    • Yoga: Hatha for Stress Relief

Who can take PEAK classes?

PEAK classes are available to all full and part-time employees of the University of Utah (including employees at Primary Children's Hospital and Clinics and University affiliates in Research Park). Members of the University of Utah Alumni Association are also eligible to participate in PEAK classes. Family members and partners of employees and Alumni Association members may also participate in PEAK classes at the same price.

Where are PEAK classes held?

Currently, most PEAK classes are located in the HPER complex on the campus of the University of Utah. PEAK also offers classes in research park and at the University Hospital.

Are lockers available?

Yes, you can get a locker to keep for the semester after the first day of PEAK classes.

Can I transfer classes?

Class fees are transferable throughout the semester. If you interested in changing to a different class, please call 801)-585-7325. We can let you know what classes are available and get you on the roster for a different class.

Do I receive a discount if I register late?

PEAK offers prorated pricing in the form of 50% off if you register half way through the semester.  Roughly, this falls around fall or spring break.

Can I get a refund?

A processing fee of ten dollars ($10.00) will be charged for each refund request. If the request is made after the first day of class, the refund will be pro-rated to reflect the percentage of classes since the session began. (If the request is made after the first 25 percent of the session, the refund will be 75 percent minus the $10.00 processing fee.) No refunds will be issued after class sessions have reached the half-way point.



Cynthia Jones
Regulatory Coordinator
Clinical Trails Office; Univeristy of Utah
PEAK yoga participant

I absolutely love my PEAK classes – specifically my circuit training class. I used to have a gym membership for years but I would never go consistently. I would do really great for a while but soon would lose motivation. The machines were intimidating, the atmosphere was a little snotty and I never really saw results. I    started taking PEAK classes a couple of years ago and found that it was the best thing I ever did. I work on campus so I love that it is so close to where I work. It is one less excuse I have to not exercise.

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Pat Goodin

Pat Goodin
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Rehab Services; University Hospital
PEAK yoga participant

In early 2013 I began a new job at the U of U. Having always been a regular exerciser I was now pondering how I would fit exercise and a long commute into the same hours in a day. Struggling with different ideas made the first winter almost unbearable. I arrived at work in the dark and 12 long hours later I found myself getting off the train in the dark. The cloud of darkness was beginning to shroud my vision when facing an overwhelming amount of work to do, getting used to new coworkers and adjusting to changes at home as my husband and I accommodated the new schedule. 

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Casi Morales

Casi Morales
Contracts Manager
Pediatric Clinical Trials
PEAK circuit training, bootcamp, indoor cycling and yoga participant

Having the PEAK program at the U helps me to live a healthy life, has helped me find my place within the U community, and increases my job satisfaction. I'm sure the number one excuse for not exercising is not having enough time. This program helps you to carve out that time during the day and having a class at a specific time helps me to schedule the exercise so that it doesn't keep getting put off. I'll do it later sometimes turns into never. After becoming a mother, this is only all that much more valuable to me.

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Gina Bacon

Gina Bacon
Academy of Health Science Educators


I’ve always hated going to a gym. The machines are confusing, I never know what to do for a good workout, and feel uncomfortable when I’m the only woman in a weight training area. The PEAK program resolved all of those issues – the instructors tell you how to use the machines properly, give you well-rounded workouts, and the classes are comprised of an amazing community of diverse employees. 

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