Fall 2017 nutrition clinics will include healthy and delicious foods to sample and will take place in HPER N 226.


Intuitive Eating

Monday, October 2: 5:15-6PM

Wednesday, October 4: 6:15-7PM

What is intuitive eating? This class will introduce participants to the theory of mindful eating, in other words listening to your body's hunger, satiety, and nutrient needs. We will discuss what intuitive eating is and how people can implement this eating style into their own lives. 


The Mediterranean Diet: When in Rome...Eat as the Romans Do

Monday, October 23: 5:15-6PM

Wednesday, October 25: 6:15-7PM

Everyone has heard about the Mediterranean Diet, but what is it? Can it really improve cardiovascular health and is olive oil the cure all that it’s made out to be? Spending some quality time in the kitchen will help teach us a thing or two about this popular diet that is sweeping the nation... and if it’s the right one for you. So come by and see how this fair weather diet fares with you.


Body Image

Monday, October 30: 5:15-6PM

Wednesday, November 1: 6:15-7PM

Join a nutrition graduate student for an evening learning actionable steps to generate positive body image. Developing positive body image doesn't happen easily. This clinic will help you learn some beginning skills for body acceptance. 


Holiday Freezer Meals: Prep like a Champ

Image result for freezer meal prep

Monday, November 6: 5:15-6PM

Wednesday, November 8: 6:15-7PM

How do you save yourself from the chaotic whirlwind of the holiday season? Freezer meals! How do you squash the “what’s for dinner and who’s making it” debate? Freezer meals! How do you save money and stop recognizing the drive through attendant’s voice? Freezer meals! Cook easy this holiday season with freezer friendly recipes. These make-ahead recipes can save you time and money while still providing nutritious and delicious meals. Join us and learn new recipes for the season to meal prep like a champ.


The Skinny of Sugar and other Sweeteners

Monday, November 13: 5:15-6PM

Wednesday, November 15: 6:15-7PM

It seems these days that there is sugar in everything, or natural sweetener, or artificial sweetener, or….the list goes on and on. There are so many out there with all sorts of names, it makes your head spin. In this clinic we will talk about the different types of sugar and sweeteners and what this means when you are making food and beverage choices. We will discuss the daily recommendations for sugar as well as examine food labels to better understand added sugar in our foods and drinks.