Our Wellness Program For University Hospitals & Clinics Employees

Our Wellness Program For University Hospitals & Clinics Employees

To earn a $20 per pay period reduction (equivalent of $480 per year) to your health insurance premiums, you can participate WellnessNOW. WellnessNOW is a voluntary program for hospitals and clinics employees to support personal wellness efforts.

To maintain the premium reduction, participants must comply with program requirements throughout the year. Once the incentive is lost, a participant cannot regain it until the next plan year.


2017/2018 Requirements

Wellness is not one-size-fits all—a wellness program shouldn't be either. This year's program continues an evidenced-based approach to health with the adoption of a new evaluation process that more carefully considers your whole health. 

  1. Watch for an email with a sign in for you to start the process on the WellnessNOW app or website.
  2. Take the online health risk assessment (HRA).
  3. Schedule a biometric screening.*
  4. Watch for an email with your screening results (also available in the app as soon as the screening is complete).
  5. Follow the next steps for your assigned color group (red, yellow, or green).

Find the next steps for your color group.


Program Benefits

  • Your health insurance premium reduction, $20 per paycheck
  • Personalized wellness recommendations based on an individual review of your health
  • The WellnessNOW app (phone and web-based) allows participants to set goals, track progress, and sync a fitness tracker
  • Customized wellness goals, programs, and activities designed for you as an individual
  • System-wide group challenges, like the popular Well Weight challenge

Additional program information on Pulse.

*Not all employees will be required to schedule a biometric screening.