OB/GYN, Primary Care, Family Medicine, Midwifery, Fertility

Looking for a women's health provider? Women's Health Services offers routine health checkups and treatment for specialty conditions, providing quality health care for women of all ages. These services include checkups and regular health screenings with gynecology, family medicine, primary care, or OB/GYN providers. Labor and delivery services include midwifery services and specialty treatment for high-risk pregnancies.

Our other specialties include breast health, reproductive health, and treatment of gynecological cancer. We offer the global Baby Friendly program, perinatal classes, and five mid-life screenings in our 5 for Life program.

As part of an academic health center, we work closely with several departments in the University of Utah School of Medicine, which is heavily involved in ongoing research.

Learn more about reproductive health options as a patient at U of U Health.