How to Best Prepare for Your Assessment

Because the assessment team reviews your history and test results, and prepares in advance, during your assessment we can focus on your concerns, talk about your risks and how to reduce them, discuss how to be as healthy as possible over time (wellness and prevention), and answer your questions. To make the best use of the 30 minutes you have with each gynecology, internal medicine, and health coach provider, you will want to do some preparation of your own in advance. You will also want to make a prioritized list of things you wish to discuss. The time will go faster than you would think!

We want to help you meet your goals for the clinic. Consider and write down what your top 5 goals are for your assessment. Be sure to also answer this in the questionnaire on page 5, section 2. Examples might be:

  1. You have a strong family history of heart attack and learning what you should know about your risks and how to decrease them.
  2. You want to know about menopause and about whether hormones are indicated for you, as well as what else you can do for your hot flushes.
  3. You want to know what are the most important things you can do at this point of your life to improve your health.

Review Section (15) in your questionnaire: These are the symptoms that you have that are BOTHERSOME to you that you want addressed. Your responses to some questions may also indicate a risk of an illness, which WE may need to evaluate further. It will help you to prioritize any “yes” responses in the order you wish to have them addressed.

We will review your completed questionnaire, identify what you are doing well for your health, and identify risk factors you may have. These will also be discussed at your assessment.

Additionally, we recommend that you prepare to meet with your health coach. Health Coaches are trained to help you in identifying YOUR goals for health, and to facilitate your development of an action plan to be successful in changing behavior. We recommend that you prioritize one to two topics to discuss with your coach at this time. Topics to consider may include, but are not limited to:

  • Physical activity/exercise
  • Eating and nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Time management
  • Improving health conditions (blood pressure, blood sugar, sleep, etc.)

Health coaches are faculty and graduate students in the College of Health who have multi-disciplinary training and experience in the fields of exercise science, nutrition, stress management and health behavior change. Health coaches recognize that individuals require specific attention relative to their unique life circumstances. They do not provide global prescriptions for behavior change. Rather, they help individuals target behavior changes that are identified as most important yet doable for a given situation.

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Several Weeks in Advance

At least two weeks prior to the assessment clinic, you will have completed and returned a comprehensive health questionnaire. The care team reviews this and plans for your visit. Tests recommended will have been performed in advance, so that we may have the results and review them with you during your assessment. We want to do as much advance preparation as possible, so that we are ready to fully address your concerns and health during your face-to-face time with us.

If you have insurance, we will contact them for estimated coverage. We will then notify you of what your estimated out-of-pocket expense will be.

Because of the large amount of preparatory work we do for each individual participant BEFORE the assessment, we do require the estimated financial responsibility is received at least two weeks before the clinic date. The final cost will depend on what your insurance actually pays after being billed. You may therefore receive an additional bill after the clinic. Please note, it is your responsibility to know your policy benefits and specific provisions and also to ensure your insurance company will cover or has paid their portion of the bill. Please contact your insurance company or your employer's benefits office for more information.

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One Week Prior

We will confirm your appointment seven days prior to your scheduled assessment day. This is a good time for you to review your goals and prioritize concerns to prepare for your assessment.

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Your Appointment Day

Please arrive by 12:15 PM and check in at the reception desk. The Women’s Midlife Assessment Clinic is located in the Madsen Health Center, 555 South Foothill Boulevard. Please enter through the door marked Women’s Health Center and Plastic Surgery Center, Suite 350. If you have any questions about finding this location, please call 801-585-2150. Please view the map for more detailed driving directions.

Dress comfortably. You may wish to bring a sweater. You will need to change into a gown for your assessment.

You will want to minimize your distractions. Please have PDA’s, laptops and cell phones turned off or silent during the clinic.

You will be provided with the following: pens, paper, health folder, portfolio, and bag for all materials.

There will be snacks and water available during the shared educational session, however, a full lunch will not be provided. We recommend that you have lunch prior to arriving.

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A Sample Day (schedule detail)

12:30 - 2:00 p.m. Education with the Experts
2:00 - 5:00 p.m. Individual Health Assessment / Visit Information Areas
Post-visit Health Summary & Personal Recommendations

First will be a 90 minute interactive shared educational session with experts on several topics. We try to make the topics specific for that assessment group and that are the top concerns of women who are near or post-menopause. Past topics have included: positive aging, memory, menopause, women’s heart health, dealing with stress and intimacy.

Secondly, you will have your individual assessment. You will remain in the same room, and healthcare providers will rotate through your room. You will have a medical assistant assigned to you, who will stay with you to assist and summarize your visit. Your medical assistant will be taking notes from each session so that you may concentrate on the discussions with each healthcare provider. You will have an assessment with internal medicine and gynecology, for a total of 60 minutes. You will also have a full screen for skin cancer by dermatology. Some sessions will have audiology present to perform hearing assessments. During the assessment, we will be examining you. We will talk about how to improve your health and reduce health risks and answer your questions.

Additionally, you will have 30 minutes to speak with your health coach to discuss the one to two topics that you have chosen to prioritize. Again, Health coaches are trained to help you in identifying YOUR goals for health, and to facilitate your development of an action plan to be successful in changing behavior. They recognize that individuals require specific attention relative to their unique life circumstances. They do not provide global prescriptions for behavior change. Rather, they help individuals target behavior changes that are identified as most important yet doable for a given situation.

These visits are meant to provide you a comprehensive, thorough snapshot of your health, and provide a roadmap in your quest to decrease risks and remain as healthy and active as possible. Some problems may be identified which will need additional testing and management. This additional care will be coordinated for you, if you desire. The Midlife Women’s Assessment Clinic does not take the place of your usual medical care. You will want to have a primary healthcare provider for ongoing wellness and medical care. This is a periodic assessment; you may want to repeat the assessment at some time in the future if your health or risk factors change, or simply as a full re-assessment of your health.

Third, there will be 30 minute individual time slots scheduled within your assessment, during which you may leisurely visit informational areas to learn about cancer screens and prevention, bladder health, sleep health, headache management, healthy eating, physical activity, and ”the 7 domains of health” (the many aspects of our lives that effect our physical health, and vice versa). We will provide a “menu” of what information is available, so you may choose the topics you are most interested in.

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At the End of Your Day

After your visit, the team will summarize your assessment and results. You will receive in the mail a summary of your health, and personalized recommendations for achieving and maintaining your best health. This will include a summary of test results and what they mean, and when your next health screens are recommended.

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Your Follow-up

If additional healthcare and/or testing are recommended, these will be coordinated, if you would like. It is important that we maintain an informational loop with your primary care provider for continuity of your care. With your permission, we will send a copy of your post-visit summary and letter to your provider.

Your input is important to us. One of our goals is to continually improve this experience for women. We request that you share your thoughts and suggestions with us through a survey. All feedback ideas are welcome and are carefully considered for modification of the program.