By visiting the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine’s site, you’ve made an important first step in reaching your goal of becoming pregnant. We encourage you to use our site as a resource in learning more about the variety of options that are available for couples who are interested in fertility treatment and how the Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine can help. The next step is giving us a call and scheduling an appointment to visit with one of our fertility specialists. Our team is here to answer your questions and provide you with the guidance and support as you begin your journey to become pregnant.

When you meet with one of our fertility specialists, you will be given a complete overview of all the fertility options that are available for your unique situation. With your input, we will create an individualized treatment plan and take the time to explain all the aspects, including tests, medications and visits.

We want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible during this emotional and sometimes stressful time. Our team is committed to providing the most caring, compassionate, and leading edge fertility care available.

Expectant parents


Resources for additional information and support

It is not uncommon for patients to have difficulties dealing with the many emotional issues associated with the infertility process. For this reason, a counselor is available to provide support during the initial evaluation, treatment and follow-up phases of the program.

Undergoing the ART process sometimes evokes feelings, emotions, and interactions that are troublesome for patients. Our counselor is available to discuss these feelings as patients enter the program, during the treatment cycle, and after the treatment cycle.

For more information please contact:

Laura A. Czajkowksi, PhD

*Patients pre-paying are given 30% discount on consultation fee.

Legal Resources

Patients desiring to use a surrogate will need to work with an attorney to ensure all necessary legal matters are done properly. Utah Center for Reproductive Medicine recommends patients work with lawyers who has experience in reproductive law. UCRM is happy to work with your lawyer if you already have one. If not we will recommend you to work with any of the following:

Damian Davenport
Attorney at Law

Lauren R. Barros
Attorney at Law