Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) is part of the University of Utah Health Care system. We serve cancer patients throughout the Intermountain West and provide academic and clinical training for future physicians and researchers.

Hope through Research: Our scientists focus on understanding cancer from its beginnings to create safer, more effective treatments. Researchers also study how genes function to look for ways to prevent or even reverse genetic changes that cause cancer.

Hope through Education: We provide free, expert and accurate information about cancers, risk factors, screening, prevention, and treatments to patients, family members, caregivers, physicians, and the public.

Hope through Patient Care: Our teams of doctors and health care professionals work together to provide compassionate, state-of-the-art care.

Warning about Phishing Attempts Using Jon Huntsman's Name or Huntsman Cancer Foundation

If you have received an e-mail promising money from Mr. Huntsman, or stating you have a donation from Huntsman Cancer Foundation waiting for you, or have received a phone call from someone saying they are fundraising on behalf of Huntsman Cancer Institute, or asking to connect with you over LinkedIn posing as Mr. Huntsman please be advised it is not legitimate. Click here for more information.


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For any cancer-related information, call the G. Mitchell Morris Cancer Learning Center at 1-888-424-2100 toll free or e-mail.


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