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  • Case Study Reports Details of Mysterious Utah Zika-Related Death

    Researchers at the University of Utah School of Medicine and ARUP Laboratories in Salt Lake City unravel the mystery behind a rare Zika-related death in an adult, and unconventional transmission to a second patient in a correspondence published online on September 28 in the New England Journal of Medicine. Details point to an unusually high concentration of virus in the first patient’s blood as being responsible for his death. The phenomenon may also explain how the second patient may have contracted the virus through casual contact with the primary patient, the first such documented case.

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  • U. Doctors Demonstrate New Laparoscopic Device in Mongolia in Front of Live Worldwide Audience

    Tuesday in Töv Province, Mongolia, physicians from the University of Utah Center for Global Surgery will use a medical device invented on campus to perform surgery in front of a global classroom of students tuning in from potentially more than 50 countries via GIBLIB at 6 p.m. MT.

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  • Huntsman Cancer Institute Investigator Jody Rosenblatt Selected as HHMI Faculty Scholar

    Jody Rosenblatt, Ph.D., a cell biologist at Huntsman Cancer Institute and an associate professor of oncological sciences at the University of Utah has been selected as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Faculty Scholar, HHMI announced today. The award provides $1 million to fund her research over the course of five years.

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