Dialysis Program

University of Utah - Dialysis Program

The University of Utah Dialysis Program has a long and distinguished history of dialysis, including home dialysis. In 1967 the first Home Hemodialysis patient completed training at the U of U, Dialysis Training Center (DTC), under the supervision of Dr. Willem Kolff. Since its beginning the DTC has focused on providing the best treatment options available for those patients who require Dialysis or Transplantation.

The DTC has evolved into today's U of U Dialysis Program and is comprised of seventeen dialysis facilities located throughout Utah, Idaho, and Nevada. University faculty and local community nephrologists serve as Medical Directors for each of our facilities. Nephrology Clinics, specializing in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Hypertension, and Diabetes are located at or near most of our facilities. CKD and Dialysis Options education classes for patients and familie are held regularly at most of our dialysis facilities. A long standing and close association with the University of Utah Transplant program ensures that each of our patients are considered for Kidney and/or Pancreas transplant and evaluated as appropriate.