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Zika Virus and Sexual Transmission: The Facts02/03/2016
The Super Bowl and The Flu02/02/2016
The Tooth Timeline02/01/2016
The Real Risks of Zika Virus01/27/2016
When Sick Kids Should Stay Home01/26/2016
Seasonal Depression: Got the Wintertime Blues? You're Not Alone. 01/25/2016
As Tears Go By01/21/2016
Winterizing Your Skin01/19/2016
How Combat Explosions Injure the Brain 01/14/2016
Conception After Miscarriage: New Research on Waiting01/12/2016
What is Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension? 01/11/2016
The Best Diets for 201601/08/2016
The Impacts of Plant Protein on Chronic Kidney Disease01/05/2016
Beating the Winter Blues01/05/2016
Treating Winter Rosacea 01/05/2016
Risky Business: Medication Non-Adherence01/04/2016
Take it Slow When Recovering From a Concussion12/31/2015
Holiday Hazards12/22/2015
Share Your Eye Diagnosis with Family 12/21/2015
Stay Safe on the Slopes12/21/2015
Can You Get LASIK Satisfaction? 12/18/2015
Take Your Medicine (Correctly)!12/16/2015
Five Cheers for Winter12/10/2015
The Need for Naloxone12/09/2015
Keep an Eye on Your Makeup Routine12/07/2015
Santa Needs to Lose Some Weight12/07/2015
Tiny Fish Teach Big Lessons12/02/2015
Sugar Free Drinks Can Still Damage Teeth11/30/2015
Beware the Burn of the Bird11/24/2015
Eye on Diabetes11/23/2015
Legislators Get a Crash Course in What it Takes to Become a Doctor11/20/2015
Watch Where You Walk11/19/2015
Charlie Sheen Admits He is HIV Positive11/17/2015
Herpes: The Blistering Facts11/16/2015
Why Am I Out of Breath? 11/13/2015
Football and Kidney Lacerations 11/12/2015
A New Target for Blood Pressure11/09/2015
Rethinking Antibiotics to Treat Acne11/06/2015
UNI’s ROPES Course Doesn’t Disappoint11/02/2015
Paying for Mammograms: Does my Insurance Cover Breast Cancer Screening?11/02/2015
Hodgkin's Lymphoma: Patient Age Matters10/27/2015
Death by Bacon? Not Likely. 10/26/2015
Changing Mammogram Guidelines: What They Mean10/23/2015
Teal for Treats10/22/2015
Talking to Kids About Trauma10/21/2015
The Meaning of Many Moles10/19/2015
Fight Breast Cancer With These Foods10/16/2015
Is Your Job Increasing Your Risk for Stroke? 10/15/2015
The Threat of MRSA in Sports10/13/2015
The Bra Truth 10/13/2015
Rabid Sports Fandom Can Make You Healthier 10/09/2015
Breast Cancer: 1 in 8 Will Be Diagnosed | Breast Assured10/08/2015
Death by Touchdown?10/08/2015
Surviving GameDay10/07/2015
Could Your Child Have ADHD?10/05/2015
Breast Cancer Stats and Facts | Breast Assured10/05/2015
Salud del Seno y Usted | Breast Assured10/05/2015
Breast Health Self-Exams & You | Breast Assured10/01/2015
4 Recipes for Pumpkin Lovers09/30/2015
A Warning Sign of Stroke09/30/2015
Be Your Child's Fan in the Fight vs. Fat09/28/2015
Busting Mammogram Myths09/24/2015
Lice Are Not Nice09/22/2015
Make The Freshman Fifteen a Myth09/21/2015
Contacts Can Cause Vision Problems09/17/2015
How Does Fair Food Fare?09/16/2015
Concerns About Hand Sanitizer09/15/2015
3 Kid-Approved Lunches09/14/2015
Teeth Straightening: Don't Do it Yourself09/14/2015
Understanding Suicide Risk Factors and Suicide Prevention09/10/2015
What Is Prediabetes? Could You Have It?09/03/2015
Avoiding a Painful Commute09/03/2015
Senator Rand Paul Visits Moran Eye Center, Partners with Global Outreach Division in Haiti09/03/2015
How to Eat Like a Ute Football Player 09/02/2015
The Expanding Role of AMH as a Predictor of Fertility 09/01/2015
Super Foods for Fall09/01/2015
New Hope for Women With PCOS08/31/2015
Too Much Water? It's Possible, and a Problem08/27/2015
We Are a Nation in Pain: 4 Ideas for Good “Pain Health”08/25/2015
Beware of the Backpack08/24/2015
A Link Between Citrus and Skin Cancer? 08/24/2015
Blinded By a Flash? No, But Other Hazards Exist for Kids' Eyes08/24/2015
Jimmy Carter's Cancer Diagnosis: What We Know08/20/2015
Safety Checklist for Summer Pregnancies08/14/2015
How to Prevent and Treat Mosquito and Tick Bites08/14/2015
Pool Chemicals Send Thousands to ER Each Summer08/14/2015
Managing Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) With Diet08/13/2015
How Pretzels and Q-tips Can Help Your Kid Master Handwriting 08/11/2015
A Problem With Pacifiers? 08/11/2015
Is Your Child Dehydrated? 08/11/2015
Miscarriage and Misconceptions08/11/2015
Your Emergency Care Guide 08/07/2015
8 Ways to Prevent Heartburn08/06/2015
Oodles of Zoodles08/05/2015
When Picky Eating is a Problem08/04/2015
Train Your Voice08/03/2015
Serious Sunburns 07/31/2015
How Do Drugs Get Their Names? 07/31/2015
Pedestrian Injuries Are More Common Than You Think07/28/2015
How to Boat (and Float) Safely07/27/2015
Kids’ Eyeglasses: Fit is Everything07/27/2015
Ride Smart: ATV Safety07/16/2015
Nothing is Funny About Ring Avulsion07/15/2015
Fermented Foods are Totally In Right Now07/15/2015
Stop the Room From Spinning: Causes and Treatments of Vertigo 07/14/2015
5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wearing Contacts in the Pool07/14/2015
Busy Streets, Increased Pollution?07/13/2015
Sex Selection Raises Legal, Ethical Concerns07/10/2015
Spot the Signs of Heat Exhaustion07/10/2015
Unborn Babies Respond to Mother’s Touch07/10/2015
Health Care at Your Doorstep07/10/2015
The Danger of Cutting Your Cuticles07/08/2015
"Tweaking" the Test07/07/2015
Restaurant Lingo Decoded07/06/2015
Don't Injure Your Eye This 4th of July07/02/2015
"Independence Day(s)” For Low-Vision Adults07/02/2015
Ready for Anything: The Life of a Physician Assistant07/01/2015
Recipes: Smart Summer Snacks07/01/2015
Heat Stroke: More Serious Than You Think07/01/2015
Bandaging Basics06/30/2015
Utah's Only Practicing Oral Pathologist06/30/2015
Is It Safe to Drink from a Garden Hose?06/29/2015
This Is Why You Gain Weight After Having Kids06/29/2015
Your Kids May Not Be Drinking Enough Water06/26/2015
How to Prevent Dad Injuries06/26/2015
5 Ways to Rock a Healthy Dad Bod06/26/2015
Take Two Aspirin and Text Me in the Morning06/25/2015
Recipes: Cold Soups for Warm Days06/25/2015
To Binge or Not to Binge06/24/2015
Don't Fall in the Summer06/24/2015
How to Stay Safe at Pools This Summer06/24/2015
Think Before You Ink: Tattoos May Cause Adverse Skin Reactions06/24/2015
Mud Runs May Include Unexpected Obstacles06/23/2015
Take a Road Trip to Wellness06/23/2015
Can Your Eyes Get Sunburned? 06/22/2015
4 Foods for Your Heart06/19/2015
Recipes: Skinny Smoothies06/18/2015
Eye on Sports Injuries06/18/2015
Pedicure Precautions06/17/2015
How Safe is DEET? 06/16/2015
Don't Spend Your Vacation in the Bathroom 06/16/2015
Simple, Low-Cost Activities to Keep Kids Active06/15/2015
5 Factors That Affect Fertility06/15/2015
Top 5 Reasons to See a Sexual Dysfunction Specialist06/15/2015
Melanoma: Keep Your Enemy Close06/12/2015
Steps to Prevent Skin Cancer 06/08/2015
Body Shaming Post Pregnancy: What You Should Focus On06/08/2015
How Dangerous Are Drones? 06/08/2015
Many Adults Don’t Take Proper Care of Their Teeth06/05/2015
4 Ways to Reduce Allergens at Home06/05/2015
Who’s Your Sasquatch? Nominate Your Hairy Daddy for a Laser Hair Removal Package 06/04/2015
Recipes: Cool Dips for Warm Days06/04/2015
4 Body Pains Women Shouldn’t Ignore 06/04/2015
Could Gel Manicures Increase Your Risk for Skin Cancer?06/04/2015
Is It a Cold … or Allergies? 06/03/2015
Overdose Deaths From Prescription Painkillers Skyrocket06/03/2015
Tricks to Eating Better When Eating Out 06/01/2015
Are You Sun Safe When You Exercise? 06/01/2015
University of Utah Grad Will Be Rwanda's First Speech Pathologist05/29/2015
To Beard or Not to Beard? Research Shows Clean-Shaven Workers May Shed More Bacteria from Their Faces Than Bearded Ones05/28/2015
The Facts About Anthrax05/27/2015
Teens & Body Shaming: 5 Ways You Can Help Your Teen Have a Better Body Image05/26/2015
Custom Cataract Surgery: Choice is the Name of the Game05/26/2015
Staying Healthy After a Break-Up05/26/2015
Breast Cancer During Pregnancy Rare and Dangerous05/22/2015
What Time of Day Are Most Babies Born?05/22/2015
Body Donors Honored05/22/2015
Know the Subtle Signs of Stroke05/21/2015
Should I “Pump and Dump” If I Drink Alcohol Before Breastfeeding?05/20/2015
5 Tips to Start Trail Running05/19/2015
5 Smart Food Swaps That Save Calories 05/19/2015
4 Hidden Sources of Gluten05/18/2015
Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?05/18/2015
New Baby? The Five Questions You Probably Have05/15/2015
Body Shaming--A Cultural Epidemic05/11/2015
Family Health Histories: We Know They're Valuable, So Why Don't we Collect Them?05/08/2015
Vaginal Vs. Cesarean Delivery05/08/2015
Divorce May Increase Risk of Heart Attack05/07/2015
Tricks to Make Healthier Food Choices05/07/2015
Clear Dosage Guidelines for Kids05/07/2015
3 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 05/06/2015
Are You a Mosquito Magnet? Science May Finally Explain Why05/06/2015
How to Prep for Pregnancy05/05/2015
4 Causes of Constipation05/05/2015
Is the Twizzler Challenge the Next Ice Bucket Challenge?05/05/2015
Cinco de Mayo: Healthy Edition05/04/2015
Junk Food: A Not-So-Pretty Perspective04/30/2015
Why do I bruise so easily? 04/30/2015
Whole30 Unpeeled04/29/2015
Blisters & Socks: Is There a Connection?04/28/2015
Top 5 Sports for Kids with Autism04/28/2015
Electronic Cigarettes Don’t Appear to Help Smokers Quit04/28/2015
How well do hand sanitizers really work? 04/27/2015
Baby Spacing: Many Women Don’t Wait Long Enough Between Pregnancies04/27/2015
Fast and Kid-Friendly Dinner Recipes04/24/2015
Not Sweet: Too Much Iced Tea Causes Kidney Failure04/23/2015
How Good Is Your Gym Hygiene? 04/23/2015
Are Beards Good or Bad for Men’s Health?04/22/2015
Pack Essentials for Day Hikers04/22/2015
Don't Do This to Your Face04/21/2015
A Closer Look at Male Infertility04/21/2015
Gonorrhea Cases Surging in Utah04/21/2015
What Your Shoes Bring Home04/20/2015
Candy Crushed: Can you Injure Yourself With a Video Game? 04/20/2015
Should You Give Your Child a Sip of Alcohol?04/20/2015
Mind Blown: More People Experience ‘Exploding Head Syndrome’ Than Thought04/20/2015
Don't Let Tax Day Be the Death of You04/15/2015
5 Steps to Safer Cycling04/09/2015
5 Tactics to Slim Down at Work04/08/2015
Your Dentist Can Save Your Life04/07/2015
Skew Right: From a Diagnosis Comes Determination04/06/2015
What Does Your Dentist Know About Your Heart? 04/06/2015
Be a Man, Do a Self-Exam04/06/2015
Gardening for Good Health04/03/2015
MIND What You Eat: Mediterranean-Style Diet May Lower Alzheimer’s Risk04/03/2015
Counting Calories: How Many Are You Really Burning a Day?04/01/2015
How to Spring-Clean for Better Health 04/01/2015
5 Reasons to Add Eggs to the Menu04/01/2015
3 Veggie Burger Recipes 03/31/2015
Dr. Pepper Says Drinking Dr Pepper Won’t Extend Your Life03/30/2015
No, Your Fitness Tracker Won’t Give You Cancer03/30/2015
4 Ways to Manage Migraines03/30/2015
Concussion Cautions03/26/2015
4 Fresh Greens to Enjoy This Spring03/26/2015
Standing Smart03/25/2015
Did You Know There's a Vaccine for Some Cancers? 03/24/2015
University of Utah's Role in Angelina Jolie's Decision to Remove Her Ovaries03/24/2015
A Mother’s Responsibility03/23/2015
Can Maximalist Shoes Cure Your Plantar Fasciitis?03/23/2015
Sad Movies Make You Eat More03/23/2015
Colon Cancer: Know Your Risk 03/23/2015
Protect Your Kids from These Household Poisons03/20/2015
Recipes: Desserts for People with Diabetes03/19/2015
Doctor Honored for Amazing Compassion03/18/2015
Track Your Sleep for Better ZZZs 03/17/2015
Ensign College of Public Health, backed by the U, opens in Ghana 03/17/2015
4 Superfoods for People with Diabetes03/16/2015
You Don’t Get the Flu as Often as You May Think03/16/2015
Recipes: Irish Food Makeover03/12/2015
Put Down the Juice03/12/2015
Vas Madness: Why Vasectomies and NCAA Basketball Go Great Together03/11/2015
What is "Normal?" 03/06/2015
4 Surprising Home Remedies03/05/2015
Fitness Through Housework03/05/2015
Button Batteries Swallowed by Kids Can Cause Serious Health Complications03/03/2015
Nutty But Nice: Eating Peanuts Early May Prevent Peanut Allergies03/03/2015
Want to Live Long and Prosper? Stop Smoking02/27/2015
Expired Mascara Could Harm You02/26/2015
Red Lights Are Air Pollution Hot Spots02/24/2015
Recipes: Winter Root Vegetables02/24/2015
How a Common Drug Could Harm You02/23/2015
Midvalley Clinic Now Open02/23/2015
Love Your Body Week02/23/2015
Concerns About ERCP Scopes02/21/2015
Julianne Moore’s Performance in ‘Still Alice’ Brings Attention to Alzheimer’s Disease02/20/2015
4 Home Remedies to Soothe a Sore Throat02/19/2015
Home Remedies for Head Lice Are Dangerous and Ineffective02/18/2015
Sorry, Peppers Aren’t a Miracle Cure for Obesity02/18/2015
Healthy Utah and its Impact on UUHC02/18/2015
Improving Patient Care02/18/2015
Heart Health = Eye Health02/17/2015
Do You Have the Winter Blues?02/16/2015
Valentine’s Day Dessert Makeover02/12/2015
4 Active Dates for Valentine’s Day02/11/2015
Shopping for Supplements? The Label May Be Misleading02/11/2015
Mommy Makeover02/11/2015
Make It Yourself: the Ultimate Valentine’s Day Dinner02/10/2015
Turn Back Time02/10/2015
Sweet Nothings: Added Sugar Is a Top Driver of Diabetes02/10/2015
4 Red Foods for Your Health02/06/2015
Induced Labor Does Not Increase the Odds of Autism Spectrum Disorder, According to Study02/05/2015
Measles and the Vaccination Debate02/04/2015
Measles Infects More Than 100 People, Including Some in Utah02/03/2015
How to Track Your Calories and Lose Weight02/03/2015
Electronic Cigarettes Release Cancer-Causing Chemical02/03/2015
Are Adults Protected From Measles? 02/03/2015
5 Germy Items You Probably Don’t Clean02/02/2015
Weight Variations May Increase Risk of Broken Bones in Women01/29/2015
Dealing with Food Allergies01/29/2015
New Weight Loss Device Makes You Feel Full01/28/2015
Making Genetics Understandable01/28/2015
Being Inactive May Be Worse Than Being Overweight01/27/2015
Spinach Three Ways01/21/2015
Acorns a Superfood?01/21/2015
Outdoor Fun at Your Doorstep: Winter Edition01/20/2015
Treadmill Workouts: How to Get Started, How Long to Run 01/20/2015
Recipes: Comfort Food Makeover01/20/2015
Motherhood at Age 5101/20/2015
The Skinny on Snot01/19/2015
Impromptu Wedding01/18/2015
When Should Seniors Hang Up the Car Keys?01/15/2015
Colin's Kidney - Live-Tweet of a Kidney Transplant01/15/2015
Assess Your Risk for Cervical Cancer01/14/2015
Ranking Popular Diets01/14/2015
How to Dress for Success on the Slopes01/13/2015
How to Prep for Powder01/13/2015
3 Easy Recipes for Light Salad Dressing01/12/2015
Track Your Way to Fitness01/12/2015
Are You Breathing Radon?01/12/2015
Skiing and Skin Cancer01/09/2015
Is It a Cold … or the Flu? 01/08/2015
How to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions01/08/2015
Back Pain? You May Need a Massage01/08/2015
Hugs Not Bugs: How Hugging May Help Prevent Colds01/06/2015
Keepsake Ultrasounds Are Unnecessary and Risky01/06/2015
Screens and Sleep01/06/2015
Listeria Outbreak Raises Concerns01/05/2015
Preventable Diseases Not Being Prevented12/30/2014
4 Indoor Activities for Kids12/29/2014
What Driving Habit Is Deadliest?12/23/2014
The Truth About 4 Holiday Myths12/23/2014
4 Ways to Prevent Holiday Heart Attacks12/23/2014
Top 10 Ways to Prevent Colds and the Flu12/23/2014
5 Ways to Quiet Your Holiday Scrooge12/22/2014
Gift Ideas for Good Health12/21/2014
Avoid Doing This at the Next Holiday Party12/19/2014
10 Clever Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain12/19/2014
Not So Sweet: Sugar Contributes to High Blood Pressure, Too12/19/2014
4 Sunless Sources for Vitamin D12/18/2014
Checklist to Prevent Home Fires 12/18/2014
Tips to Navigate the Holiday Buffet12/17/2014
3 Gluten-Free Cookie Recipes12/17/2014
Solutions to 4 Holiday Stressors12/17/2014
Checklist to a Safer Pregnancy Over the Holidays12/17/2014
When Sharing is Not Nice12/17/2014
Careful Who You Kiss Under the Mistletoe12/17/2014
Was Getting a Flu Shot a Waste? No12/11/2014
Coming Up on a Milestone Birthday? Get Ready to Take a Risk12/11/2014
Tell Us Your Story & Win a Laser Tattoo Removal Package!12/09/2014
Presidential Sore Throat Diagnosed as Acid Reflux12/08/2014
Protect Your Kids from These Holiday Hazards12/07/2014
4 Worst Holiday Drinks for Your Health12/05/2014
Dealing With Illness During the Holidays12/05/2014
Circumcision Gets CDC Recommendation12/04/2014
Track Your Child's Screen Time12/01/2014
Is Your Smartphone Causing You 'Text Neck'? 12/01/2014
How Long Is It Safe to Eat Leftovers? 11/30/2014
Recipes: Beyond the Turkey Sandwich11/27/2014
4 Tricks to a Thinner Thanksgiving11/24/2014
Eating Raw Cookie Dough Can Be Deadly11/24/2014
5 Ways to Winterize Your Skin11/24/2014
Turkey Bowl Touchdown11/23/2014
Tracking Your Family's Health Could Save Your Life11/21/2014
How Many Calories Do Americans Consume on Thanksgiving?11/19/2014
Breathing Dirty Air During Pregnancy Raises ADHD Risk11/19/2014
Colorectal Cancer Rates Are Rising Among Young Adults11/19/2014
Recipes for a Healthier Thanksgiving 11/18/2014
A Smoker's Road to Recovery11/18/2014
Could Utah's Low Moods Be Caused By High Altitude? 11/18/2014
Caution: Carbon Monoxide at Home11/17/2014
The Truth About Vitamins11/17/2014
3 Steps to Bundle Your Baby11/16/2014
Clean Your Contacts11/14/2014
Your Home May Increase Your Risk for Cancer11/13/2014
Take the Sugar Challenge11/13/2014
Dementia with Lewy Bodies11/12/2014
Google Wants to Search for Cancer - Inside Your Body11/07/2014
Frozen Food: Love It or Let It Go?11/07/2014
Recipes: Slimming Soups11/06/2014
The Truth About Men's Health 11/05/2014
4 Surprisingly Sugary Foods 11/05/2014
Every Beat Matters11/03/2014
Undeclared Allergens Lurk in Some Foods11/03/2014
Brew for Your Heart: Tea Helps Lower Blood Pressure11/03/2014
Movember: A Furry Look for Men's Health11/03/2014
Parkinson's Disease and Depression11/01/2014
U of U Doctor Fights Diabetes in D.C.10/30/2014
Trick-or-Treat Safety Tips10/30/2014
Live Well with Diabetes10/30/2014
Do You Know the Best Way to Survive a House Fire?10/29/2014
Your Checklist to Aging Well 10/29/2014
Running #FTW! 10 Awesome Facts About Running | University of Utah Health Care10/29/2014
Cancer Causes: Myths Debunked10/28/2014
Primary Care Makes Moves for Better Health10/28/2014
Black Widow Worries10/28/2014
Grief and the Holidays10/27/2014
Try the Fitness Trend That's a Real HIIT10/27/2014
Physical Activity May Fight Depression10/27/2014
Healthier Halloween Treats 10/23/2014
5 Surprisingly Salty Foods10/23/2014
University Health Care Employees Recognized as Healthcare Heroes10/22/2014
Did You Know That One Pint of Blood Can Save Three Lives?10/21/2014
How to Banish Back Pain10/21/2014
Promoting Health in the Hispanic Community10/21/2014
Looking on the Bright Side: Life After Transplant10/21/2014
4 Steps to Reduce Nightmares 10/20/2014
Don't Treat and Drive: These Common Medications Can Make Driving Dangerous10/20/2014
4 Joint-Friendly Exercises 10/20/2014
Everyone Over 45 Should Be Screened for Diabetes10/20/2014
Vampire Eyes May Cost You Your Vision10/20/2014
Run and Recover10/13/2014
Checklist: How to Banish Breakouts 10/12/2014
How to Fight the Freshman 1510/09/2014
Challenges Ahead: Don't Just Survive, But Thrive10/09/2014
New Ways to Detect Cancer10/09/2014
An Apple a Day May Keep the Pounds Away10/09/2014
Celebrate PA Week!10/07/2014
Checklist: Prepping for Pregnancy10/06/2014
Birds, Bees, and IUDs10/06/2014
Did You Know 30% of College Students Suffer from Depression?10/02/2014
Soda Makers Including Coke and Pepsi Promise to Cut Calories10/02/2014
Flu Is Worse for Pregnant Women10/02/2014
Health Benefits of Massage10/01/2014
When Alcohol Turns Deadly09/30/2014
Recognize the Subtle Signs of Ovarian Cancer09/30/2014
Checklist: Senior Symptoms09/29/2014
Got Milk? It May Lower Your Blood Pressure 09/29/2014
Long Working Hours Are Bad for Your Heart09/29/2014
Take Small Steps to Prevent Elderly Falls. Literally.09/26/2014
A Healthier Way to Tailgate09/26/2014
5 tips for running in cooler weather09/26/2014
Butter Your Toast, Not Your Coffee09/25/2014
Polling Patient Opinions09/25/2014
Q&A: 3 Things to Know About Thyroid Cancer09/25/2014
The Sounds of Fall: How Loud Is Too Loud? 09/25/2014
How to Track Your Child's BMI09/23/2014
Weight-Loss Surgery Can Put Type 2 Diabetes in Remission09/23/2014
Don't Wait! Get Ready for Ski Season Now09/23/2014
Prostate Cancer: Facts, Stats and Prevention Tips09/23/2014
4 Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium09/22/2014
How to Track Your Child's Sleep09/22/2014
Did You Know That Only 5% of People Wash Their Hands Correctly?09/21/2014
Checklist: What's Normal for Newborns?09/18/2014
Now Is the Time to Get Your Flu Shot09/15/2014
Utah Teens Using Electronic Cigarettes Jeopardize Their Health09/15/2014
The Heart of the Matter09/15/2014
Workplace Wellness Programs09/14/2014
Do You Have Magic in Your Medicine? 09/12/2014
The Truth About Detox Diets09/11/2014
The Cost of the Flu 09/11/2014
Employee Benefits 10109/10/2014
University of Utah Medical Student is a Force on Competitive Cycling Circuit09/09/2014
Sleep Drunk 09/09/2014
The Truth About Eye Whitening09/09/2014
Best Way to Brush Your Teeth09/08/2014
You're Probably Still Eating Trans Fat09/08/2014
The Uncommon Cold09/08/2014
4 Ways to Bounce Safer09/02/2014
Video Reveals What the Sun Does to Your Skin08/29/2014
Pregnant? Tuna May Not Be Safe to Eat08/29/2014
4 Easy Ways to Lose a Pound This Week08/28/2014
The Dog Days Are Certainly Not Over08/26/2014
'Short Sleepers' Cheery Despite Less Sleep 08/25/2014
West Nile is Back08/25/2014
Dealing with Joint Pain08/22/2014
Recipes: 3 Low-Cal Frozen Treats08/21/2014
The Gift of Sight08/21/2014
Hair Loss: Why It Happens and How To Stop It 08/19/2014
Ice Bucket Challenge: Learn These Facts About ALS 08/19/2014
The Fist Bump the Most Hygenic Greeting?08/19/2014
Did You Know 80% of Sleep Apnea Cases Go Undiagnosed? 08/18/2014
Confusion, Controversy Surround Blood Thinner Pradaxa08/18/2014
Beating Diabetes08/18/2014
Protect Your Eyes08/15/2014
Mini Medical School 08/15/2014
'Gluten-Free' Label Now Actually Means Gluten-Free08/14/2014
Oh, What a Tour08/14/2014
The Stigma of Suicide08/12/2014
3 Worst Meals in America08/08/2014
Are You Drinking Less Soda? You're Not the Only One08/08/2014
Powdered Caffeine Can Be Deadly, FDA Warns08/01/2014
Yogurt and Other Foods Containing Probiotics May Lower Blood Pressure08/01/2014
Could Ebola Go Global? 08/01/2014
Save Lives, Win Money 08/01/2014
Surgeons Perform First of its Kind Hep C to Hep C Kidney Transplant07/31/2014
A Dangerous Challenge07/31/2014
Avoid Being a Headline: Lightning Safety07/29/2014
Chill Out: Sleeping in Cooler Temperatures May Increase Your Metabolism07/28/2014
Dirty Money: Researchers Find Bacteria Living on Cash07/28/2014
Look at Those Legs07/28/2014
Swimmer's Ear: Don't Let it Ruin Your Summer07/25/2014
To Snip or Not to Snip: New Concern About Vasectomies07/23/2014
Recipes: DIY Trail Snacks07/22/2014
Cut it Out: Healthy Recipe Tweaks07/22/2014
5 Surprising Facts About Juvenile Arthritis 07/21/2014
A Different Type of Transplant07/21/2014
Did You Know 27% of Men Will Not Visit a Doctor This Year?07/16/2014
Too Little Exercise, Not Too Much Food, Blamed for Obesity07/16/2014
Should You Share a Bed With Your Baby?07/16/2014
Have a Heart Healthy Vacation07/16/2014
Don't Fear These Fats07/15/2014
Measure Twice, Dose Once07/14/2014
Snacking Is In, but Don't Fall into a Snack Trap07/11/2014
Loosen Up! Reduce Stress Now Before It Affects Your Health07/11/2014
Healthy Alternatives to French Fries07/10/2014
No Time for Tics: Tim Howard and Tourette's Syndrome07/09/2014
Organic or Not? 07/08/2014
Baby Got Book: Why You Should Read to Your Newborn07/08/2014
Do Your Kids Like Tony the Tiger? That's Not Great for Their Weight07/07/2014
A Safer Sleep for Baby07/03/2014
Eat Your Broccoli: It Can Help Rid Your Body of Pollutants07/02/2014
Tragic Hoarding Case Leads Many to Wonder, How Could It Get That Far?07/02/2014
Protect Yourself from Poisonous Plants 07/01/2014
Keep An Eye on Summer Safety 07/01/2014
Celebrate with a Bang, Not a Burn06/30/2014
Today in the USA? Quality Health Care06/30/2014
Treating Teething Pain06/30/2014
Surprising Sun Safety Tips06/26/2014
Mind Over Bladder: Stress and Incontinence06/26/2014
Ask the Expert: All About Age Spots06/25/2014
The Truth About Testosterone06/25/2014
Essentials for Traveling Abroad06/24/2014
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University of Utah awarded $20.4 million from NIH to advance translational research in medicine 10/10/2013
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Q&A with award-winning author and radiologist Anne G. Osborn, M.D.10/09/2013
University Faculty and Staff Recognized at Healthcare Heroes Luncheon10/09/2013
Tom Hanks' Type 2 Diabetes is Manageable with Proper Care10/08/2013
Why You Should Take Your Blood Pressure at Home10/02/2013
Adam Frost receives NIH Director's New Innovator Award to study cell membranes09/30/2013
University of Utah professor Ryan O'Connell receives NIH Director's New Innovator Award to study microRNAs09/30/2013
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Fall Means Falls in the Emergency Room09/20/2013
Kidney Exchange Connects Strangers Through Life-saving Donations09/19/2013
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Second Suns Tells Story of University of Utah Eye Doctors Working to End Blindness Abroad06/19/2013
Governor Signs SB4206/17/2013
Rural Health Training Program Brings Knowledge of Rural, Specialized Nurses Together 06/12/2013
Amish Potatoes with Lima Beans (Gluten Free) - Recipe06/12/2013
Groundbreaking brain imaging research may change treatment for Down syndrome, other genetic disorders06/10/2013
U of U's Native American Summer Research Internship (NARI) Provides Unique Opportunities for Students Across the Country06/03/2013
U of U Doctor Discusses Signs and Symptoms of Infant and Childhood Stroke05/30/2013
Gift of body donation allows School of Medicine to train next generation of doctors05/23/2013
New Strain Of Influenza Requires Funding, Studies To Understand Possible Pandemic Risks05/14/2013
U of U Researcher Looks for Answers to Utah's Opioid Overdose Problem05/13/2013
U of U Health Care among first in Intermountain West to offer life-changing procedure 05/08/2013
A Strong Pulse - The Primary Children's Heart Center Ranks 8th Nationally 05/06/2013
Boston Tragedy Underscores Need For Trauma Care04/30/2013
Tis The Season...For Sneezin!04/30/2013
Heart Valve Surgery at the U Gives Options to Those with Severe Aortic Stenosis04/19/2013
Throat Clearing? Could be a Sign of Something Serious04/17/2013
U of U Students Win $70K for Prototypes at Bench-2-Bedside Competition 04/17/2013
A Prescription for Innovation: Health Care Through the Lens of Clayton Christensen04/15/2013
Break Out The Big Check!04/10/2013
Contest Winning Video Demonstrates How Better Care Transitions Prevent Readmissions04/08/2013
Published Study Looks at Patterns and Risk Factors for Preterm Births04/04/2013
Caring for children and families with Birth Defects: "An Incredible Privilege and Journey" 04/03/2013
U Pediatrician Becomes Foster Parent, Encourages Others to do the Same04/02/2013
Genetic Researchers Identify "Donut" Gene - Say Vegetables Are On Their Way Out04/01/2013
April Fool - Recipe04/01/2013
Barley Pilaf - Recipe03/28/2013
Professor Earns Distinguished Career Achievement Award 03/26/2013
L.S. "Sam" Skaggs- Business Leader, Philanthropist03/21/2013
Study Links Sugar-Sweetened Soda to Higher Estrogen Levels03/20/2013
Family Members and CPR03/18/2013
Crossing Animation with Molecules Creates a Whole New Field03/18/2013
Program for Air Quality, Health and Society will research Air Pollution through collaboration03/11/2013
Facing Utah's Physician Shortage Head On: Three Med Students Making a Difference03/08/2013
A Vital Need for Physician Assistants 03/06/2013
HELP Program Earns National Recognition02/27/2013
Moran Eye Center Researcher Recognized for 'Audacious Idea' in Vision Research02/22/2013
Trauma Surgeon Reflects on Growing Close to a Patient in Spite of Emotional Difficulties02/19/2013
Hot Water Can Burn Like Fire02/08/2013
Pediatricians Awarded Prestigious Scholarships02/05/2013
Symptoms and Treatment of Dry Winter Eyes02/05/2013
National Wear Red Day: The Heart You Save Could Be Your Own01/31/2013
Culture of Impact: Faculty as Mentors for Student Entrepreneurs01/31/2013
Are Pediatric Hospital Readmissions a Valid Measure of Health Care Quality? 01/25/2013
Faculty Makes Its Mark in Research01/14/2013
Renowned Geneticist Says Research Opportunities (And Epic Powder) Keep Him At The U01/11/2013
University of Utah Health Care's James Turnbull named CIO of the year01/07/2013
Raising Awareness of Birth Defects12/28/2012
Skiing Vs. Snowboarding - Different Sports, Different Injury Prevention12/26/2012
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Advancing Youth In Medical Education10/31/2012
Williams Syndrome: A Unique Lens on Human Behavior10/19/2012
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$21.8 Million Grant Renewal to Aid HIV Center in Imaging Research 10/12/2012
Ballard Scholar Remembers Mentor and Friend10/12/2012
A Signal of Hope for Pediatric Neurodevelopment Disorders 10/11/2012
U of U Department of Psychiatry Releases Follow-up Study on Autism and Mortality10/09/2012
Doc Passes Love for Relationship-Building on to Students10/05/2012
Therapeutic Video Games?10/04/2012
What Happens To Our Voice As We Age?10/01/2012
Delivering a New Breed of Doctor09/17/2012
Top 10 for Three Years Running09/14/2012
Volunteer Dedicates Life to Helping Others09/12/2012
An Unexpected Link Between Parkinson's Disease and Prostate Cancer09/06/2012
Be Well What? 08/29/2012
That's a wrap! Be Well Utah 2013 Highlights08/23/2012
Joyce Mitchell - Nationally Respected Leader in Biomedical Informatics - Announces Retirement 08/20/2012
Research to Treat Blood Clots in People With Diabetes and Other Metabolic Disorders Gets $16 Million Boost from NIH08/16/2012
A Pretty Great State? Gallup Thinks So08/14/2012
High Speed Medical Care at the Tour of Utah 08/08/2012
U Researchers Find Surprising New Ally in the Fight Against Depression08/06/2012
Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week08/03/2012
Hepatitis C a Growing Concern08/02/2012
Healthy Foods07/19/2012
Sleepless in the hospital? How to help patients get a better night's sleep07/16/2012
When Celebrations Can Be Dangerous06/29/2012
Summer's deadliest skin disease 06/20/2012
Surviving a Snake Bite06/19/2012
Get Off the Couch This Father's Day06/16/2012
An Injection of Success for Med Students Learning to Place IV's06/13/2012
Anesthesiologist and Family Ready to Board Mercy Ship for Two-Year Adventure06/12/2012
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Congratulations to the Medical School Class of 201206/04/2012
Pharmacy Dean Looks to Ocean for Future of Cancer Care05/22/2012
Camping this summer? Don't forget the first aid kit!05/22/2012
Moms warned to watch out for poison in their purses05/13/2012
Chest pain doesn't always merit stress test05/09/2012
Volunteers at University Hospital brighten the lives of patients05/04/2012
Take a behind the scenes tour of the University Neuropsychiatric Institute05/01/2012