Reaching Out

A Message from Our Chief Nursing Officer

Margarette PearceThis year our report is focused on reaching out, and we are highlighting what nurses in the Mountain West are doing to share knowledge with each other and improve the health of our patients. Our report not only includes nurses at the University of Utah Health Care, but we are dedicating our report to nurses in other organizations whom we have met and learned from on our outreach journey this year.

You will read about a group of nurses in rural Utah who came to work with us to gain high-risk OB, operating room, and PICC line experience and in the process taught us about bedside report, which has dramatically improved our patient experience with communication. You will hear from Carson Tahoe in Carson City, Nevada, who will share their journey that led to their Baby Friendly designation; and from St. John’s Hospital in Jackson, Wyoming, who has improved patient safety with a daily leadership huddle.

And from our own nurses you will read about our journey of process improvement and how we have reached out within our organization and across the country to learn new and better ways of caring for our patients.

We are excited to deliver this report to you and honored to introduce all the wonderful nurses we have met reaching out. And as always, we invite you to reach out to us at our Share Your Ideas ( page to submit your ideas and ways we can better care for our patients.

Margarette Pearce

Margaret Pearce, RN, PhD
Chief Nursing Officer
University of Utah Health Care