Breast Surgery

Cosmetic Enhancement & Reconstruction for a Better You

Every woman deserves to feel feminine, and for many women the shape and size of their breasts can make them feel less in touch with their femininity. Having breasts that are not proportionate to their figure can be self-esteem altering. For women suffering from breast cancer, making breast reconstruction part of the treatment process can also put them on the road to healing. Our team of plastic surgery specialists are highly skilled in the area of breast surgery from breast reconstructions to breast lifts, breast augmentations to breast reductions for both males and females. For your journey to more confidence and appeal, request a consultation with one of our plastic and reconstructive surgery specialists.

Breast Surgery & Reconstruction Procedures

Cosmetic Procedure Costs*
Breast Augmentation
With saline implants $4,150
With silicone implants $5,150
Breast Lift (Mastoplexy) $4,500
Breast Reduction $6,000
Gynecomastia (Breast Reduction for Men) $4,000
Female to Male $5,900
Male to Female $5,150

*Prices listed are only estimates. To obtain an official price quote, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

For additional procedure costs, feel free to request a consultation.