Sleep ~ Wake Center

Sleep ~ Wake Center

Sleep Wake Center

Sleep Clinic for Sleep Disorders

The Sleep ~ Wake Center specializes in diagnosing and treating sleep disorders. If you are experiencing extreme daytime sleepiness, difficulty sleeping at night or disturbing your bed partner with your sleep patterns and/or snores, a visit to the Sleep ~ Wake center may be for you. The center is multidisciplinary, meaning it can explore many different possible solutions with a large number of consultants. It is also an accredited member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Offering state-of-the-art, on-site sleep facilities, the center is equipped to observe and evaluate your sleep patterns. It offers home-testing equipment, education on sleep disorders and sleep technologists aware of cutting edge treatments and research. The Sleep ~ Wake Center is also proud to be a teaching hospital clinic. You may get to see a fellow, resident or medical student along with your sleep center specialist.

Before scheduling an appointment you will need to pre-register.

To Schedule Your Initial Appointment:

Phone: (801) 581-2016
Fax: (801) 587-3349

Follow-up Appointments

Phone: (801) 581-2016


University Health Care Sleep ~ Wake Center
375 Chipeta Way, Suite A200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108


Most insurance plans cover evaluation and treatment of sleep disorders. However, It is your responsibility to know the coverage in your specific plan before making an appointment. Our office can help you with insurance verification and authorization.

What to Bring to Your Appointment:

  • List of all medications including herbal supplements and over-the-counter products
  • Medical records or previous testing results
  • Name of referring physician or primary care physician
  • New patient form (required)
  • Optional* Your bed partner, because they observe your sleep patterns (or have them write down what they have noticed about your sleep patterns)

By bringing these things with you to your appointment, you will help the specialist treat you in the best way possible.