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The Imagine Perfect Care Program

At University of Utah Health, we believe patients define value. We build on the radical idea of putting patients first by collecting patient feedback, using their voices and ideas to create better health care.

What is the Imagine Perfect Care Program?

The Imagine Perfect Care Program is a collaborative effort between University of Utah Health clinicians, researchers, front-line staff, students, and patients to raise the standard of health care services.

We rely on the wellspring of patient ideas as one of our strongest resources: evolving our approach and refining our work to make health care better.

We envision health care that is patient-centered, always adapting and responding to patients' evolving needs.

Our Projects

We are committed to innovative projects that reimagine possibilities for delivering high-quality care to patients. Some of our projects include:

  • Improving communication between patients and providers;
  • providing online scheduling;
  • delivering transparent, up-front information about the costs of health care. This information will let patients determine out-of-pocket costs for specific procedures through our upcoming Pricing Transparency Tool;
  • identifying a balance between costs and results to help patients choose the best treatments for them by using Value Driven Outcomes (VDO) data;
  • and making noisy hospital rooms quieter so patients get the important sleep they need to heal faster.

Contact Us

We hope you will join us in our efforts to offer the highest quality of health care services.


Phone: 801-213-6900

We invite hospital employees and staff to learn how the Imagine Perfect Care Program is improving health care at University of Utah Health.


The Imagine Perfect Care Resource Center

Discover our latest projects and ideas at the Imagine Perfect Care Resource Center, located inside the University of Utah's School of Medicine:

30 N 1900 E, Room 2C467
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

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