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We hope you will join us in our efforts to offer the highest quality of health care services.

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We invite hospital employees and staff to learn how the Imagine Perfect Care Program is improving health care at University of Utah Health.


The Imagine Perfect Care Program is a collaborative effort between University of Utah Health clinicians, researchers, front-line staff, students, and patients to raise the standard of health care services.

What is the Imagine Perfect Care Program?

Imagine Perfect Care is University of Utah Health’s way of framing our daily work to inspire and empower each of us to improve our health system and the care we provide.

We rely on the wellspring of patient and staff ideas as one of our strongest resources: evolving our approach and refining our work to make health care better.

We envision health care that is patient-centered, always adapting and responding to patients' evolving needs.

Our Areas of Focus

Ideas matter. Our areas of focus inspire and empower staff to deliver high-quality health care. We are committed to:

  • Embracing a culture of innovation through staff-led projects
  • Improving our physical spaces by imaging the perfect patient environment
  • Enhancing the patient experience with value-adding initiatives
  • And gathering patient and staff feedback to inform change.

Calling Hospital Employees: The Imagine Perfect Care Program

University of Utah Health is bringing together administrators, providers, front-line staff, and patients to raise the standard of health care services. We fuse employee brainpower with patient feedback to envision high-quality, transparent care that's always patient-centered.

Inspiring & Supporting Health Care Professionals

Too often, hospital staff have ideas for making health care better, but because of the natural complexities of our large system, it's challenging to make these ideas a reality.

The Imagine Perfect Care program supports health care professionals and their ideas by facilitating connections between employees and helping to identify available resources.

How It Works

Staff can visit the Imagine Perfect Care Resource Center to learn about current work underway, and then can share their own ideas—and personal commitment—to improve any part of the hospital, from operations to management to patient care.

Ideas and people are brought together with project support and even seed funding to help bring great ideas to life.

Our Projects

We are committed to innovative projects that reimagine possibilities for delivering high-quality care to patients. Some of our projects include:

  1. Seed Funding Financing innovative ideas to help turn visions for perfect care into reality
  2. Patient Space Mock-Ups Shaping new patient facilities and solutions during their design phase
  3. Feedback Days Giving weight to patients and employees’ ideas
  4. Speak Up, Touch-Up Engaging employees with their environment by asking them to report wear and tear that they encounter.

You can also read about our recently funded projects.

Funding Visionary Ideas

Sometimes, good ideas need an extra push to get off the ground. We offer limited funding to competitive ideas from hospital staff and administrators on how to improve health care. We especially encourage front-line staff to apply.

For more information about funding your idea, contact us at imagine@hsc.utah.edu.

The Imagine Perfect Care Resource Center

Discover our latest projects and ideas at the Imagine Perfect Care Resource Center, located inside the University of Utah's School of Medicine:

30 N 1900 E, Room 2C467
Salt Lake City, UT 84132

Contact Us

Have a bold idea to help make health care better? We depend on you to share your ideas with us. We hope you will join us in our efforts to offer the highest quality of health care services.

Email: imagine@hsc.utah.edu

Phone: 801-213-6900

Health care staff and students can visit our internal website on the Imagine Perfect Care Program.