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Patrick C. Cartwright, M.D.

Chief, Division of Urology



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Clinical Details

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(801) 662-5555 Primary Children's Hospital
Pediatric Urology
100 N Mario Capecchi Drive , Suite 2200
Salt Lake City, UT 84113


Patrick C. Cartwright, M.D. is Board Certified in Pediatric Urology with a practice limited to the care of children. Dr. Cartwright's training background includes the University of Texas--Southwestern Medical School, residency training in general surgery and urology at the University of Utah, and a fellowship in pediatric urology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. After fellowship, he returned to Utah to join the faculty at the University of Utah and Primary Children's Medical Center.

Dr. Cartwright's practice is based at Primary Children's where he provides a full range of care and surgery for children with urologic disorders. This includes treating disorders of the male and female urinary and reproductive systems including problems of the adrenal glands, kidneys, ureters, bladder, testicles, spermatic cord and inguinal canal, penis, scrotum, urethra, vagina, and female genitals. Specific concerns for which he provides consultation and care include: genitourinary trauma, urinary tract infections, vesicoureteral reflux, hydronephrosis kidney (UPJ) or ureteral (UVJ) obstruction, fetal anomalies (i.e, antenatal hydronephrosis), tumors involving the urinary tract, retroperitoneum and pelvis (such as Wilm's tumor and rhabdomyosarcoma), neurogenic bladder from spina bifida or injury, urinary incontinence in children, hernia and undescended testicle, hydrocele, hypospadias, epispadias, penile chordee or curvature, bladder or cloacal exstrophy, kidney stones, abnormal urination, meatal stenosis and circumcision, disorders of sexual development and intersex (congenital adrenal hyperplasia). Dr. Cartwright is part of the Spina Bifida Clinic at Primary Children's and works there in concert with other specialists. For the past ten years, he has been voted to the list of "Top Doctors in America" (by his national peers), and in 2011 was rated in the top one percent (1%).

Dr. Cartwright is a member of multiple medical organizations, is a reviewer for several journals, is a member of the American Urological Association (AUA) Exam Committee, is President-Elect of the Society for Pediatric Urology and President of the AUA-Western Section. He is the author of many original manuscripts and book chapters in his specialty. He currently serves as the Surgeon-in-Chief at Primary Children's Medical Center, as well as Chief of the Division of Urology at the University of Utah.

In his free time, Dr. Cartwright enjoys music, reading, trail running with his dog (Pepper), yoga, snowshoeing and skiing, following pro basketball and soccer and time with his family. He is currently welcoming new patients and accepts most insurance plans.

Board Certification and Academic Information

Academic Departments Surgery - Professor
Pediatrics - Adjunct Professor
Academic Divisions Pediatric Administration
Board Certification American Board of Urology (Sub: Pediatric Urology)

Academic Profile

Research Interests

  • Alternative Methods of Bladder Augmentation
  • Outpatient Ureteral Reimplantation
  • Value-Driven Pediatric Surgical Care
  • Stimulation of the Pudendal Nerve Using the Utah Electrode Array
  • Optimal Management of UPJ Obstruction

Board Certification and Academic Information

Academic Departments Surgery - Professor
Pediatrics - Adjunct Professor
Academic Divisions Pediatric Administration
Board Certification American Board of Urology (Sub: Pediatric Urology)

Academic Office Locations

Academic Office Phone Number Academic Office Address
(801) 662-5555 Primary Children's Hospital
Pediatric Urology
100 N Mario Capecchi Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84113

Academic Bio

Dr. Cartwright joined the faculty at the University of Utah in 1990, following fellowship training in pediatric urology at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He is a

Professor and Chief of the Division of Urology; he also is currently serving as interim Chairman of the Department of Surgery. Dr. Cartwright functions as Surgeon-in-Chief at Primary Children's Medical Center where he is also a member of the Hospital's Board of Trustees and the Primary Children's Foundation Board. A focus of his hospital duties is on helping to find opportunities to reduce the cost of care while maintaining the highest possible quality. This proposition of creating optimal value in pediatric surgical care remains one of his major interests.

Dr. Cartwright has served nationally on the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics--Urology Section. He just finished a four-year commitment on the American Urological Association (AUA) Exam Committee and is currently President-Elect for the AUA-Western Section and the Society for Pediatric Urology.

Dr. Cartwright has authored numerous original scientific papers and more than 20 chapters for major textbooks. His specific interests have included alternative approaches for bladder augmentation, optimal management of antenatally detected hydronephrosis, and improving the value of care through outpatient ureteral reimplantation. He also has particular interest in urinary tract reconstruction and determining the best management of children with neurogenic bladder dysfunction and bladder exstrophy.


Education History

Type School Degree
Fellowship Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Pediatric Urology
Residency University of Utah School of Medicine
Residency University of Utah School of Medicine
Professional Medical University of Texas - Southwestern
Undergraduate Texas A&M University


Selected Provider Publications

Journal Article

  1. ONeil BB, Cartwright PC, Maves C, Hoeg K, Presson AP, Wallis MC (2014). Reliability of voiding cystourethrogram for the grading of vesicoureteral reflux. J Pediatr Urol, 10(1), 107-11.
  2. Wallis MC, Oottamasathien S, Wicher C, Hadley D, Snow BW, Cartwright PC (2013). Padded self-adhesive strap immobilization following newborn bladder exstrophy closure: the Utah straps. J Urol, 190(6), 2216-20.
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  10. Snow BW, Gatti JM, Renschler TD, Corneli HM, Cartwright PC (2008). Variation in diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid and mercaptoacetyltriglycine renal scans: clinical implications of interobserver and intraobserver differences. J Urol, 179(3), 1132-6; discussion 1137.
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Book Chapter

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  1. Cartwright PC (2013). Bladder autoaugmentation (partial detrusor myectomy)--where does it stand after 2 decades? J Urol, 190(5), 1643-4.


  1. Wark HAC, Cartwright PC, Normann RA (2014). Systems and methods for treating disorders by selectively activating and/or blocking muscles through intrafasicular stimulation of the pudendal nerve. U.S. Patent No. US 8630711 B1. Washington, D.C.:U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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