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The Miners Hospital and Clinic was established in 2004 to evaluate and treat mining related symptoms, injuries and/or illnesses of Utah's disabled coal, metal, and non-metal miners. In addition, health educational seminars for miners and their families are scheduled periodically. The Miners Hospital is part of the University Health Care network, University of Utah.


To be eligible for services covered by the Miners Health Trust Fund, a miner must meet the following three criteria:

  1. Has worked in a Utah coal, metal or non-metal mine for at least two years
  2. Has lived in Utah for at least two years immediately prior to applying for services
  3. Is experiencing symptoms associated with a mining related injury or illness

Services of Miners Hospital & Clinic

  • Medical evaluation and treatment for mining related illness or injury

  • Screening for Federal Black Lung Program

  • Health education program and materials

  • Two merit-based University of Utah scholarships for children of disable coal, metal or non-metal miners