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These standards are intended to guide and inspire those responsible for creating communication materials for the University of Utah Health brand. Working on this brand is an opportunity for you to take part in something big. The messages you create will help U of U Health impact lives and improve health care for the world. Just as U of U Health is an innovative, forward-thinking institution, its brand should come to life through innovative executions.

Why Is A Style Guide Necessary?

The tone of our words and the way we tell our story visually—these elements combine to communicate the U of U Health brand. And each is an integral part of our identity. So it’s important that every facet of the brand conveys the same sentiment, to ensure consistency and recognition for everyone who comes in contact with it.

Please exercise good judgment in all creative executions and strive to use the brand effectively for your audience. With this style guide as a tool, you can generate bold, engaging communications, build strong bonds with internal and external audiences, and protect the future of University of Utah Health’s brand vision and voice.


If you have any questions as you help craft our brand, please contact:

Lori B. Williams

Brand Manager


Guide Sections

Exterior Signage Standards

Download the 2019 Standards for Exterior Donor Signage pdf (opens in a new window) for current University of Utah design standards, sign placement, naming conventions, etc.