Why Our Logo Matters

Our logo is the flag we fly over all the exceptional work we do. This guide will help you use the logo correctly and consistently so that your unit both enjoys and contributes to the excellent reputation of University of Utah Health.

When you use the logo—fly the flag as it were—you instantly establish familiarity and credibility with your audience. You evoke the positive attributes that distinguish us.

What are these attributes?

Market research tells us that our patients and the public recognize us as health and science’s best and brightest, collaborating to provide leading edge treatments, train tomorrow’s specialists and expand man’s understanding of health and disease. They know us for our deep and broad health care expertise.

Engage your audience’s high regard for University of Utah Health. Use the logo in all your communications.

The logo should be applied in solid University red. Where necessary, you may use the logo in 90% black or solid white.

Service Lines

Your service line (i.e. Cardiovascular Center, Urogynecology, Department of Pediatrics) is identified outside of the logo field to provide greater versatility and prominence for your service line. This is a change (effected in September 2009) from the previous logo architecture where service line’s were embedded in the logo. Now, we all share a common logo. Individual service lines do not have a unique logo.

Effective communications will leave your audience with a clear understanding of your college, department, program, etc. and the message you have to convey. Use the University of Utah Health logo to endorse your communication.

Service lines must be typeset in Sofia Pro. Use Title Case in body copy and addresses, as shown in the stationery samples. Use ALL CAPS in Sofia Pro Medium when service lines are prominently displayed on the cover of collateral; on apparel; or on premiums such as water bottles or totes.

Samples of Service Lines in Use

Business Cards, Letterhead, and Envelopes

placeholder image

It is easy to order these materials through a simple turnkey process with University Print and Mail Services. Contact them at 801-581-6171 or visit printandmail.utah.edu to see samples and order online. For your convenience, electronic letterhead may also be ordered through University Print and Mail Services.

placeholder image


placeholder image

We require a single line of sight between the logo and service lines, as shown below. Shirts and jackets may display service lines on the chest or sleeve. White coats are ordered through the Health Sciences Store.

placeholder image
STANDARD: service lines are placed on the right chest, opposite the logo.
placeholder image
ALTERNATIVE: service lines may be placed on the sleeve

Typography for Apparel

  • Service lines are typeset ALL CAPS in Sofia Pro Medium.
  • Service lines are typeset in University red (standard), or white or 90% black where necessary.
  • Type height not to exceed: 24pt. tall, letter-spaced at 75pt.

Service Line Identification - Premiums

It is possible to order logo items that also have a service line (College of Nursing, Dermatology, Facilities & Engineering, etc.) when people order material with two imprint areas.


  • Two imprint areas:
    • Area 1: the full University of Utah Health logo (not just the “U helix”)
    • Area 2: the service line typeset in Sofia Pro Medium, ALL CAPS, in University red (standard), or white or 90% black where necessary
placeholder image

Logo System

U of U Health Logo Diagram MEASUREMENT: "U helix" CLEAR SPACE: "U helix” on all sides
U of U Health Logo Horizontal Diagram MEASUREMENT: "U helix" CLEAR SPACE: “U helix” on all sides

Unacceptable Alterations

The logo is a unique piece of artwork and should be reproduced consistently. Incorrect uses of the logo are shown below.

The logo consists of two elements: the U helix and the logotype. These elements must be retained in their fixed relationship to one another.

The logo may never be altered in shape or proportion.


placeholder image
Change the logo color or typeface.
placeholder image
Stretch the width or height proportions.
placeholder image
Add text in the logo area.
placeholder image
Use the U helix to create a new logo.
placeholder image
Alter the logo elements.
placeholder image
Alter the size relationships between the graphic elements.
placeholder image
Add dimensional effects, such as bevel, emboss, or glow.
placeholder image
Violate clear-space requirements.