New Medicaid Eligibility Rules

On April 1, 2019, Medicaid enrollment opens for 80,000 newly eligible Utah residents. With the new rules, you owe it to yourself to see if you're eligible. Check out the chart below to see if you qualify, or keep reading to find other helpful resources and information about Medicaid.

If you see a University of Utah Health provider, you can keep your doctor.

Medicaid services include:

  • prescriptions
  • maternity care
  • mental health
  • appointment transportation
  • interpretation services
  • preventive care
  • urgent care
  • family planning
  • and more.

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Enroll Now

Government Assistance with Medicaid

Visit or call 1-866-435-7414 (toll-free).

Non-Profit Assistance with Medicaid and

Visit or call 2-1-1. 

Check Your Eligibility

Household Size You may qualify for Medicaid if you make less than:
1 $12,490/year
2 $16,910/year
3 $21,330/year
4 $25,750/year
5 $30,170/year
6 $34,590/year
7 $39,010/year
8 $43,430/year

Household size is determined by who is included on your taxes. For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $4,420 for each additional person.

Is your income below these limits?

Apply for Medicaid.

Is your income above these limits?

You may qualify for financial assistance on

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