Apply Year Round: Medicaid Enrollment Opened for Over 100,000 Utahns

With the new rules, you owe it to yourself to see if you’re eligible. Take the time to select a Medicaid health plan that can help coordinate your care and allows you to see your current University of Utah Health Provider.

You can continue to see U of U Health providers with the following plans:

Healthy U: 1-888-271-5870
Health Choice Utah: 1-877-358-8797
Molina Healthcare: 1-888-483-0760

Medicaid services include:

  • prescriptions
  • maternity care
  • mental health
  • appointment transportation
  • interpretation services
  • preventive care
  • urgent care
  • family planning
  • and more.

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Medicaid Eligibility Resources

If you are currently uninsured and think you may be eligible for Medicaid under the new Medicaid enrollment guidelines, visit the following websites for more information. 

State Medicaid assistance: or call 1-866-435-7414. 

Non-profit assistance with Medicaid or or call 2-1-1. 

Check Your Eligibility

Household Size You may qualify for Medicaid if you make less than:
1 $17,609/year
2 $23,791/year
3 $29,974/year
4 $36,156/year
5 $42,338/year
6 $48,521/year
7 $54,703/year
8 $60,886/year
9 $67,068/year
10 $73,250/year

Household size is determined by who is included on your taxes. For families/households with more than 10 persons, add $4,420 for each additional person.

Updated 3/19/2020

Is your income below these limits?

Apply for Medicaid.

Is your income above these limits?

You may qualify for financial assistance on

Options to Determine Your Cost

Estimate How Much You'll Pay for Out-of-Pocket Health Care Costs

Health services are a major expense for many families. To help you prepare, we show prices for many of our medical services and procedures so you and your family can review and plan for these expenses. 

We've developed a tool that helps you compare and estimate how much you'll pay out-of-pocket for different health services and procedures.

University of Utah Health is trying to make this process easier by providing you a tool that helps you calculate how much you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket for common health care services.

Don't have a MyChart account?

Use our online tool to get an estimate.

Have a MyChart account?

MyChart also gives estimates for how much you'll pay out-of-pocket for common health care services using your actual insurance information.

Need assistance?

Call a financial advocate at 801-581-2957

View Our Standard Charges

In accordance with the CMS 2019 IPPS final rule, University of Utah Health has published its list of standard charges.

View our list of standard charges.

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How Do I Contact Billing Office Customer Service if I Have Concerns About My Hospital Bill?

You can speak to a representative by phone, speak virtually, or send us an email.

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Billing Office Phone:

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