Jan 17, 2023 12:00 AM

Welcome back to Utah for Sundance Film Festival 2023! From free yoga to chair massages to mindfulness exercises, we've got your festival wellness covered. Join us at Festival Headquarters (Park City Sheraton, 1895 Sidewinder Drive) and Canada Goose Base Camp (558 Main Street) if you can — and no matter where you are for this year's event, take these wellness tips with you. 

1. Identify three good things. As you begin and end your day, reflect on what went well and write down what you hope to achieve. This gratitude exercise helps counter our negativity bias, improving mood and well-being.

2. Savor a moment of awe. Experiencing wonder and amazement increases our sense of connection with one another, expands our perception of time, and causes us to feel more satisfied with life. Notice the beauty around you, look up at the mountains or stars, and relish moments that make you say “wow.”

3. Resist the temptation to type and walk. If you simply can’t put down your phone, stop to take care of business.

4. Remember to connect. We are social creatures at heart, and Sundance Film Festival 2023 is all about celebrating and connecting in person. Check in with a friend, chat with a stranger, or practice a random act of kindness—then notice what happens to your own mood.

5. When it comes to footwear, go for function over fashion. Wear boots or shoes with a heavy tread and flat-bottomed sole to maximize foot-to-ground contact.

6. S.T.O.P. during the day. Small, intentional pauses throughout the day can help us reset and rejuvenate. Try to Stop, Take a breath, Observe thoughts and feelings, and Proceed with intention. Stream a guided S.T.O.P. meditation here

7. Pay attention to your posture. Poor posture can lead to back pain, headaches, and tension in your shoulders and neck. Try this 30-second exercise any time your body gets sore:

  • Place your feet flat on the floor, point toes and knees forward
  • Lift tall through the top of your head and line up ears above collarbone

8. Watch where you step. Yesterday’s wet spot will become today’s slippery sheet of ice.

9. Drink plenty of water. Utah’s high elevation, thin air, and low humidity are a recipe for dehydration. Try to fill and finish your water bottle at least four times each day—even more if you also consume alcohol.

10. Avoid shortcuts. Blaze your own trail back home, but here in the mountains, follow the road most traveled.

11. Layer up. From frigid mornings to warm afternoons and slushy streets to well-heated theaters, you’ll experience plenty of temperature extremes during your time in Utah. Wear breathable layers you can take on and off when needed: one lightweight layer against your skin is key, along with warm middle and outer layers to prepare for the elements. Hats and gloves are also required.

12. Take care of your skin. Utah’s dry air creates the best snow on Earth. It also means you’ll have to slather on the moisturizer and lip balm again, and again, and again.

13. Reach out sooner than later. If you are struggling and need someone to talk to, call Huntsman Mental Health Institute’s warm line at 801-587-1055 or the crisis line by dialing 988. Or get help from University of Utah Health’s nine urgent care locations and virtual visits available at your convenience. You are never alone.

Updated on January 17, 2023
Originally published on January 19, 2019

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