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Extending Care through the Mountain West

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Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah extends cancer care through the Mountain West with its affiliate hospitals. These hospitals work with HCI experts to give world-class cancer care to patients near their homes. HCI affiliate hospitals provide specialty cancer services to their patients. For some procedures, patients travel to Salt Lake City. Then they get follow-up care at the affiliate hospital near their home.

"One of the concerns when working in a cancer center in a rural community is patient access to appropriate specialists. The relationship with Huntsman Cancer Institute provides a timely and effective conduit for our Wyoming cancer patients—especially those with very complex cases—to have highly respected experts as part of their care team."

Margaret Barnes, MD
Radiation Oncologist Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Rock Springs, Wyoming

"Our affiliation with HCI is not only a great resource for patients, but for us as clinicians too. Oncology is a fast-moving field, and there is always new research emerging. The ability for us to build working relationships with different care teams and providers at HCI positively impacts patient care in our community. It is a simple idea, but the impact of good communication is huge."

Andrea R. Liggett, FNP
Nurse Practitioner Grand Valley Community Hospital Grand Junction, Colorado

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