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Support for the Caregiver

support group

Being a caregiver for someone with cancer can be stressful, overwhelming, and isolating. Sometimes the only people who can truly understand are those who have been there. That’s why Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) social workers run a support group dedicated to caregivers. The group offers education and a safe place to talk for anyone who cares for a loved one treated at HCI.

Social workers might cover topics like what to expect as a caregiver or how to reduce stress. But the main purpose of the group is for people to connect and share what they’re going through, says Nicole Fenwick, a licensed clinical social worker.

"I’m just there to facilitate," she says. "It’s the caregivers who help each other."

"Sometimes I don’t say one word," adds Logan Prince, another licensed clinical social worker and facilitator of the group. "It’s amazing what goes on here between the caregivers."

The social workers say just hearing someone else talk about what they’re going through can have a profound impact on reducing a caregiver’s grief or stress. Participants say it gives them hope they’ll have the support they need to cope throughout their loved one’s illness.

"This group is my weekly dose of medicine," says one participant.

"The support I receive each week is addictive," says another. "I don’t feel so alone."

Caregiver Education & Support Group

Tuesdays, Noon–1 pm

Due to COVID-19 this support group is currently meeting virtually. Email for registration and instruction.