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Our People are our Greatest Strength

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Author: Peter Huntsman

Rupert Steele and Peter Huntsman
Rupert Steele (left) and Peter Huntsman

We have all endured another year of the coronavirus. And still, Huntsman Cancer Institute’s care and research teams rise above all external distractions and meet the inherent challenges of providing exceptional cancer research and care programs. Their fortitude has been truly remarkable. Our family is grateful.

Huntsman Cancer Institute is nourished by deep roots in the genetic basis of cancer. It is world-renowned for discovering more genes for inherited forms of cancer than any other center in the world, including those for breast, ovarian, colon, head and neck, and melanoma cancers. Never satisfied with past accolades, the cancer center continues to push for constant innovation and better ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer. Today’s cancer center is not the same one it was at its founding. It is better.

Treatments unavailable even a year ago are available today. Cancer treatments that are still unavailable anywhere else in the Mountain West are available here. Philanthropic investments by more than one million donors are critically important to continue this story of compassion, state-of-the-art advances, and new breakthroughs that save lives. See a complete list of donors from calendar year 2021.


Gifts from >1 million
generous donors to date

Our entire Huntsman family is enormously proud to be associated with so many donors, researchers, doctors, nurses, volunteers, and others who make Huntsman Cancer Institute a global leader. In spite of the challenges that loom before us, we will continue to make strides in treatments, research, and education. While we will continue to make progress and advance our mission, our greatest asset will continue to be our people—those who dedicate themselves to caring for others in need. To those who have pursued our mission in the face of so much these past two years, we are proud to support your efforts and remain committed to expanding that support. Image: Rupert Steele (left) and Peter Huntsman. Steele, elder and chairperson of the Confederated Tribes of the Goshute Indian Reservation, gave the invocation at the dedication of the Senator Orrin G. Hatch Proton Therapy Center at Huntsman Cancer Institute on June 23, 2021. Learn more about Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

Cancer touches all of us.