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Spotlight on The Area We Serve: Nevada Cancer Coalition

Oct 14, 2022

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Megan Provost, Garrett Harding, and Kara Kikuchi with members of the Nevada Cancer Coaliton
Megan Provost, Garrett Harding, and Kara Kikuchi with members of the Nevada Cancer Coaliton

In September, the Nevada Cancer Coalition hosted the annual Cancer Control Summit in Reno, Nevada. Members of Huntsman Cancer Institute’s Community Outreach and Engagement team attended the summit, which featured sessions on targeted topics across the cancer spectrum.

The NCC was formed in 2002 to develop a comprehensive cancer control plan for the state of Nevada. What was once its annual membership gathering has evolved to a robust multi-network event. “Over the years, the coalition has provided the connections and organization needed to move forward on cancer priorities in our state,” says Cari Herington, MBA, executive director of the Nevada Cancer Coalition. “The summit offers a combination of networking and education that allows us to bring partners together, and provide cutting-edge strategies to addressing cancer in our state.” Additionally, the NCC creates the Nevada Cancer Plan every five years. This serves a framework for stakeholders throughout the state to take action in reducing the burden of cancer for Nevadans. 

Cancer Control Summit in Reno, Nevada
Cancer Control Summit in Reno, Nevada

Michael Pulsipher, MD, Director of the Children’s and Adolescent Cancer Initiative at Huntsman Cancer Institute and Primary Children’s Hospital, led a talk on immunotherapy, highlighting novel therapies for patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Other themes this year included an overview of the cancer burden in Nevada, new myeloma treatments, and the challenges of retaining a healthcare workforce. The summit concluded with a two-part session on lung cancer screening. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death in Nevada and discussions centered around what must be done to successfully implement evidence-based lung cancer screening programs in clinics, hospitals, and primary care. 

During the summit, Huntsman Cancer Institute was awarded the 2022 Healthcare Partner of the Year award. Herington described many areas where Huntsman Cancer Institute has collaborated with Nevada stakeholders, providing guidance and leadership. She highlighted Huntsman Cancer Institute’s ongoing support of tobacco prevention and cessation work, affiliation with the Carson Tahoe Cancer Center, and ongoing efforts to improve HPV vaccination rates.

“We are incredibly honored and humbled to receive this award from the Nevada Cancer Coalition,” said Garrett Harding, associate director of community outreach and engagement at Huntsman Cancer Institute. “Our partners here are creating a healthier Nevada through collaboration with local, state, and regional partners – we hope to grow and expand this partnership in new and innovative ways in the coming years.” 

Cancer touches all of us.