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University of Utah Hospital CIO Discusses Value Driven Outcomes

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For harnessing big data to understand actual costs and improve patient care, University of Utah Health Care won a 2013 Innovator Award in the Health Care’s Most Wired competition, sponsored by H&HN magazine (Hospitals and Health Networks). University of Utah Health Care’s Value Driven Outcomes (VDO) tool won the Innovator Award for its unique ability to measure the institution’s true health care delivery costs at the most granular level, to break down those costs over the full cycle of a patient’s care, and to compare the costs to outcomes—all in an easy-to-use, web-based format that puts actionable information right into providers’ hands. 

Jim Turnbull, chief information officer for University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics spoke with H&HN Senior Editor Suzanna Hoppszallern about VDO.