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Joint Statement Between David W. Pershing and Peter R. Huntsman

Today we are pleased to announce an agreement between the Huntsman Cancer Foundation and the University of Utah that addresses the governance and finances of Huntsman Cancer Institute.

For more than two decades, the University of Utah and Huntsman family have partnered on a critical set of goals — the eradication of cancer and the compassionate care of those who suffer from this terrible disease. This agreement, which supplements previous memorandums of understanding between the U and the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, ensures that we will continue to put the patient at the center of a variety of therapies that go beyond cancer treatment, while safeguarding the role of basic research into finding cancer cures, and preserving the resources the Institute needs to fulfill its mission.

As Jon Huntsman has always said, cancer moves fast and we must move faster. We are gratified to have emerged from several months of discussion better positioned to bring together our shared resources, world-class talent and experience to fight cancer and care for our patients.