2008 News Archive

Newly Found Enzymes May Play Early Role in Cancer12/24/2008
University Hospital Becomes First 'Baby Friendly' Hospital in Utah and 73rd in U.S.12/10/2008
Risk for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Increases in Winter12/05/2008
U of U College of Nursing Launches Renovation, Renaming of Building11/21/2008
University Health Care to Open Multi-Specialty Center in South Jordan's Daybreak Community11/17/2008
First Trial in the U.S. to Treat Both Ischemic & Non-Ischemic Heart Failure to be Performed by U of U Researchers Using Patient's Own Stem Cells11/17/2008
National Society Honors 3 University of Utah Faculty For Excellence in Human Genetics Education11/14/2008
Medicinal Chemistry Faculty Ranked No. 1 in Productivity11/12/2008
Signaling Guides Cell Migration11/10/2008
Peer Into the Human Body: University Health Care Presents Health Hot Topics11/03/2008
Sibling Study Could Lead to Better Treatments for Inherited Form of Colon Cancer11/01/2008
Gift Establishes Endowed Chair in the University of Utah College of Nursing10/24/2008
Kohl's, University Health Care Team Up To Bring Utah Students To BODY WORLDS 3 Exhibition10/15/2008
University of Utah Hospital Receives 11th Consumer Choice Award for Quality and Image 10/14/2008
Clinical Neurosciences Center Researchers Awarded $5.7 Million in Grants10/09/2008
Grief and the Holidays: Turning Loss Into Meaning10/08/2008
Novel Imaging Approach May Assist in Predicting Success of Treatment For Atrial Fibrillation10/07/2008
National Children's Study Adds Sites in Wyoming, Idaho10/03/2008
University Health Care Announces New Organization Supporting PKU Patients10/02/2008
Supplements, Placebo Same in Slowing Cartilage Loss09/29/2008
Huntsman Cancer Institute Researcher Named a MacArthur Foundation Fellow09/23/2008
Longevity, Cancer and Diet Connected: New Research in Worms Could Apply to Humans09/18/2008
DNA "Tattoos" Link Adult, Daughter Stem Cells...09/11/2008
Riddle Solved in Studying Critical Complex Carbohydrate 09/03/2008
Study Suggests Magnesium Sulfate Reduces Cerebral Palsy Risk In Preterm Infants08/27/2008
Protein Gives Insight into Muscle Disorder08/21/2008
White Blood Cell Uses DNA 'Catapult' to Fight Infection08/15/2008
U of U College of Nursing Announces $1.25M Endowed Chair in Healthy Aging07/29/2008
Utah Study Group Reports Results of Blood Substitute Trauma Study07/28/2008
People Allergic To Shrimp Sought For U of U Study Investigating Development of A Vaccine07/22/2008
Gynecology, Cancer Care Put University Health Care Among Nation's Best, U.S. News Reports in Annual Survey07/10/2008
Genetic Variations Put Youth At Higher Risk for Lifetime of Tobacco Addiction07/10/2008
U of U Seeks People With Severe Artery Disease To Study Whether Patients' Own Stem Cells Can Help Prevent Leg Loss07/08/2008
University Health Care Doctors Develop Award-winning Anesthesia Removal Device06/25/2008
Sexually Transmitted Disease, Urinary Tract Infections May Be a Bad Combination for Severe Birth Defect06/20/2008
Inherited Melanoma Risk: What You Do Know Does Help You06/17/2008
University of Utah Hospitals & Clinics Notifies Patients of Billing Records Theft06/10/2008
Caution on Stem Cell Therapy06/09/2008
U of U Will Use $22.5 Million NIH Award To Speed Research Findings For Treating Patients06/06/2008
U Public Health Program To Award First 3 Doctorates, 40 Master Degrees At May 23 Graduation05/22/2008
Moran Eye Center Researchers Identify Gene Linked to Risk of Severe Diabetic Eye and Kidney Diseases05/06/2008
Hot Topic: U Pharmacy Researchers Asked to Present Study On How Well Diabetes Drug Works in 'Real World'05/02/2008
Mary Beckerle, Huntsman Cancer Institute Executive Director, Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences04/29/2008
University Health Care's AirMed to Launch 24/7 Eastern Utah, Wyoming Service04/29/2008
University Health Care Connects Women to Wellness with May 15 Health Fair04/21/2008
Caring Connections to Present Program on Honoring Memory of Deceased Loved Ones04/14/2008
U Neurology Studies to Be Highlighted, Faculty Asked To Lead Courses At Largest International Conference04/10/2008
National MS Experts To Address U Brain Institute Symposium 03/31/2008
Study Finds Human Antibody Can Replace Prednisone To Treat Rare Blood Disorder03/18/2008
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: U Researchers Investigate Why Some Animals Regrow Hearing Cells, But People Don't 03/17/2008
One Yin of a Discovery: Blood Vessel Protein Treatment For Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy In Mice 03/16/2008
Utah Poison Control Center Reminds Everyone National Poison Prevention Week Is March 16-2203/14/2008
Moran Eye Center Researcher Dr. Kang Zhang Receives $750,000 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Award03/14/2008
George and Dolores Eccles Foundation Endows Two Chairs To Honor University's First Nobel Laureate, Mario Capecchi02/28/2008
National Expert on Diabetes and Aging To Keynote U Center on Aging Research Retreat02/22/2008
New Class of DNA Sequences Expands The Possibilities Of 'Reprogramming' Adult Cells Into Embryonic Ones02/20/2008
FCC Awards $9 Million To Expand Utah Telehealth Network01/30/2008
Utah Diabetes Center Studying Whether Omega-3 Fatty Acid Can Prevent Type 1 Diabetes in Newborn Babies 01/28/2008
U Researchers Link Human Herpes Susceptibility to Genetics; Study Identifies Region of Chromosome, 6 Candidate Genes01/28/2008
U Neurosurgery Department Seeks Participants for Trials of Innovative Approaches to Treating Back Problems01/04/2008
Colon Cancer Risk in U.S. Traced to Common Ancestor01/02/2008