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U of Utah Researchers Improve Genetic Understanding of Autism 01/17/2013
New Discovery about DNA Packaging 12/13/2012
Accidental Exposures of Children to Drug that Treats Opioid Addiction Alarms Utah Poison Control and Health Officials 12/13/2012
University of Utah Health Care First Hospital System in Country to Post Online Physician Reviews and Comments 12/10/2012
Migraine Auras 'Turn Up the Volume' of the Senses 12/06/2012
Possible New Treatment for a Childhood Cancer 11/26/2012
First Two Grants for U's New School of Dentistry Will Focus on Drug Addiction, Pain Regulation and Reward Systems 11/09/2012
University of Utah and Memorial Hospital Sign Master Affiliation Agreement 11/02/2012
Advancing Genetics on a Global Scale 10/31/2012
Weight, Age, and Gender Affect Duration, Intensity of Toxicity for Stem Cell Donors 10/29/2012
University of Utah Dental School Unveils Building Name and Location 10/25/2012
U.S. News Ranks University of Utah Hospital Among The Highest Performing Hospital's In The Nation 10/02/2012
Physician Receives Top Award from NIH 09/14/2012
Two Faculty Members Named to Benning Chairs 09/14/2012
Wnt Signaling Pathway Plays Key Role in Adult Nerve Cell Generation 09/10/2012
Genetic Association Between Parkinson's Disease and Prostate Cancer Uncovered 09/06/2012
HIF Gene Mutation Found in Tumor Cells Offers New Clues about Cancer Metabolism 09/06/2012
New Health Sciences Leadership Positions to Focus on Inclusion and Strategy 08/20/2012
Muscle-building Supplement Creatine Vastly Improves Response Time, Quality of Recovery in Women with Major Depressive Disorder 08/06/2012
Next-Generation Sequencing Technology Provides Key in Identifying Genetic Cause of Rare Disorder-Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood 07/30/2012
University Blood and Marrow Transplant Program receives FACT Accreditation 07/12/2012
Gene Controls How the Body Responds to Influenza Virus, Helps To Reduce the Impact of Infection 06/28/2012
U of U Human Geneticist Named One of 22 Pew Scholars in Biomedical Sciences 06/14/2012
Hormones, Music, and Human Emotion 06/13/2012
HealthGrades ranks University of Utah Hospital as top Salt Lake City Hospital in Overall Patient Experience 05/24/2012
Mom's Poison Purse 05/09/2012
Kathleen Digre, Michael Varner Receive 2012 Rosenblatt Prize 05/04/2012
U of U Liver Transplant Program marks 101st Transplant 04/27/2012
University of Utah IT Services Unveils New, High-efficiency Data Center in Salt Lake City 04/09/2012
Found: A New Leukemia Drug and a New Approach 04/09/2012
Autism Rates in Utah, U.S., Reach All-Time High in 2008 03/29/2012
Lorris Betz Receives Distinguished Service Award From AAMC 03/27/2012
Beyond the Microscope: Identifying Specific Cancers Using Molecular Analysis 03/19/2012
Mental Health Services Hits the Road with New Mobile Crisis Unit 03/13/2012
U.S. News Ranks U Programs Among The Best In Physician Assistant, Pharmacy, Nursing, Primary Care and Physical Therapy 03/13/2012
Lifesaving Lung Cancer Screening Now Offered at Huntsman Cancer Institute 03/09/2012
U of U Dental Education Program Provides Free Dental Care to Nearly 100 Kids in Need 02/21/2012
Gene-Targeting Breakthrough Earns Biochemist National Award for Extraordinary Creativity from Genetics Society of America 01/19/2012
Bacterial Toxin Plays Role in Most Common Types of Urinary Tract Infections 01/19/2012
New Neighbors Have Arrived; U of U Health Care's South Jordan Health Center Delivers High Tech Healing with a Neighborhood Touch 01/17/2012
Wild Medicine: New Program Teaches Emergency Responders Backcountry Rescue Skills 01/12/2012
Study Assesses Pain Relieving Benefits from Music 01/06/2012

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