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Philip L. Baese, M.D.

Chief, Division of Child Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry

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Clinical Details

Phone Number Clinical Office Address
(801) 581-5515
650 Komas
Neurobehavior H.O.M.E. Program
650 Komas Drive , Suite 200
Salt Lake City, UT 84108
(801) 585-1212
Behavioral Health Clinic
525 East 100 South , 5th floor
Salt Lake City, UT 84102


Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA completed medical school training in 1997 at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. He moved to Salt Lake City, Utah and completed a 5 year combined residency training program - Triple Board - in 2002. Upon completing this program, he became board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in pediatric medicine, adult psychiatric medicine, and child/adolescent psychiatric medicine. He joined the University of Utah faculty as an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry.

From 2002 - 2004, Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA worked as an in-patient hospitalist at the University of Utah Neuropsychiatric institute. His primary clinical work was taking care of acutely ill children, adolescents, and adults who required psychiatric hospitalization. In addition, we worked in the partial hospital program at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute - Teenscope and Kid Star, which serves as a hosptial step-down unit and a sub-acute day-treatment program for teenagers and younger children. Because of his early career interest in chemical dependency, he also worked as the Medical Director for an intensive out-patient substance abuse program at UNI called SOS (Staying Off Substances) from 2003 - 2005. These first 3 years provided Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA with a broad clinical exposure to a wide range of psychiatric illnesses ranging from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorder, anxiety disorders, attention defficit disorder and substance abuse problems to other, less common issues, such as attachment disorders, Tourette syndrome, Asperger's syndrome, and gender identity problems. As well, he gained valuable experience treating these problems across a variety of treatment settings. This experience allowed Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA to sharpen his clinical decision making and work with a multidisciplinary team, which included psychologists, social workers, nurses, discharge planners, and insurance reviewers.

In 2005, Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA moved into the out-patient clinical setting to the Neurobehavior/HOME program. This clinic was initially designed to provide psychiatric care to complex, developmentally delayed individuals - often with identifiable and rare genetic syndromes. This opportunity allowed Philip L. Baese, MD, FAPA to strengthen his clinical skills in the area of developmental disability and establish long-term, out-patient relationships with his patients and their families. He currently takes care of individuals across their entire lifespan (young children, school age children, adolescents, young adults, middle age adults, and seniors). Within the context of this clinic, he has been able to continue to work with a multispecialty team - case managers, nurses, behavior specialists, and primary care practitioners and gain exposre to a very unique set of individuals. He continues to see individuals with autism, pervasive developmental disorders, cognitive delays, traumatic brain injury and a broad range of known genetic syndromes, inclduing Down Syndrome, Fraglile X Syndrome, FG Syndrome, Smith Magenis Syndrome, Neurofibromatosis, Tuberous Sclerosis, Phenylkenonuria, Turner Syndrome, Klinnefelter Syndrome, and Prader Willi Syndrome. Dr. Baese has developed an expertise in Prader Willi Syndrome and is the psychiatrist for the Utah Prader Willi Syndrome Association. He participates in a state funded multispecialty clinic every quarter for children with PWS. Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA maintains a passion for excellent patient care combined with evidence based medical decision making. He strives to contribute to the best quality outcomes and lives for the patients sees.

Board Certification and Academic Information

Academic Departments Psychiatry - Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Academic Divisions Child Psychiatry
Board Certification American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology (Psychiatry)
American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology (Sub: Child/Adol)
American Board of Pediatrics (Pediatrics)

Academic Profile

Research Interests

  • Medical Ethics
  • Developmental Disabilities

Board Certification and Academic Information

Academic Departments Psychiatry - Assistant Professor (Clinical)
Academic Divisions Child Psychiatry
Board Certification American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology (Psychiatry)
American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology (Sub: Child/Adol)
American Board of Pediatrics (Pediatrics)

Academic Office Locations

Academic Office Phone Number Academic Office Address
(801) 581-7952 University Neuropsychiatric Institute
Dept of Psychiatry
501 Chipeta Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Academic Bio

Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA began his academic career at the University of Utah in 2002, after completing a combined residency training program. As a board certified Pediatrician, Adult Psychiatrist, and Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist, he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Utah since that time. He has a wide range of academic interests and participated in a number of activities throughout the University of Utah.

Since medical school, Philip Luke Baese, MD has had in interest in the humanistic side of medicine and science. He has pursued studies that focus on medical ethics, philosopy, and other humanities, specifically literature and film as they relate to medicine and particularly mental illness. After many years of participating in the Medical Ethics Course at the School of Medicine, he joined the Division of Biomedical Ethics and Humanities at the University of Utah as a Division Associate. Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA participates in a variety of activities and topics related to ethics, including Medical Decision Making Capacity, Conflicts of Interest, Involuntary Treatment for Psychiatry Illness, and Professionalism. He also collaborates with other Division Members to teach internal medicine residents and medical students about patient care issues, such as boundaries, humor, stigma, and disability.

Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA directed a monthly lecture series for Child Psychiatry Fellows and Triple Board residents from 2002 - 2006 entitled Community Resources, Ethics, and Legal Issues. He has also participated in teaching 3rd Year Medical Students in a longitudinal course entitled Topics in Medicine from 2003 - 2010 covering Utah Mental Health Committment laws, Competency, and Error in Medicine. In 2010, he became the Psychiatry Clerkship Director and oversees the organizational and learning aspect of a mandatory 6 week rotation for all medical students. He has enjoyed this aspect of his career and has found a passion for teaching psychiatry to young physicians in training. As well, he supervises students rotating through his out-patient practice, specializing in Children and Adolescents as well as Developmental Delay. In an era of complex problems related to access and cost, he strives to keep young doctors-in-training excited and optimistic about their careers. He hopes to keep ethics and humanities as critical domains of learning for all doctors.

Philip Luke Baese, MD, FAPA has participated in a range of academic and community service areas. He served as a committee member on Primary Children's Hosptial ethics committee from 200 - 2010. He served as a liaison committee member from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry to the Committee on Bioethics of the American Academy of Pediatrics from 2006 - 2010. He was the chair of the University Neuropsychiatric Institute Ethics Committee from 2003 - 2008 and remains a member of that committee currently. He is the chair of the Utah Psychiatric Association ethics committee from 2008 - present and sits on the Utah Medical Association Ethics Committee from 2011 - present.

Philip L. Baese, MD, FAPA maintains board certification in three specialties (Pediatrics, Adult Psychiatry, and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry) and is a member of several national professional organizations - American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, American Psychiatric Association, Utah Medicaal Association, Utah Psychiatric Association, and Association of Medical Student Educators in Psychiatry. He is committed to teaching young physicians-in-training and maintaining rigorous educational standards in the fields of psychiatry, medical ethics, and medical humanities.


Education History

Type School Degree
Chief Resident University of Utah School of Medicine
Triple Board
Chief Resident
Residency University of Utah School of Medicine
Triple Board
Internship University of Utah School of Medicine
Triple Board
Professional Medical University of Colorado School of Medicine
Undergraduate St. Olaf College


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