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Counseling & Mental Health Services Near You

If your child or teen is struggling with their mental health, it’s important to find a program that’s the right fit for their individual needs. At Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI), we understand the struggles and challenges many parents face when finding mental health services for their child or teen. We’re here to break down those barriers and make the decision-making process easier for you and your family. 

HMHI has a wide variety of programs to treat children and teens for mental health. The type and level of care your child might need will be different depending on their personal situation and safety concerns. 

Our mental health professionals will recommend what level of care will give your child or teen the most benefits. Our goal is to help them be functional, develop good coping behaviors, and have the highest quality of life possible. 

Inpatient & Residential Mental Health Treatment for Your Child

Our programs include inpatient treatment (hospital care) and residential treatment for children and teens. Contact us for more information about each program.

Inpatient vs. Mental Health Residential Treatment

Think of inpatient treatment as an “intensive care unit” for mental health. Inpatient treatment takes place in a secure facility that provides 24-hour care, like what we offer at HMHI. Children and teens will receive care here to stabilize them and reduce any immediate risks to their health and safety, or to the health and safety of people around them. Residential treatment offers a structured living environment with staff who assist youth throughout the day and provide supervision at night. Some patients will go to a residential facility after inpatient care.  


Inpatient Criteria for Child & Adolescent Mental Health Issues

Your child or teen may need to be hospitalized if they:

  • are suicidal (e.g., has attempted to end their life and/or has plans to end their life),
  • have homicidal ideation (the desire to kill another person or people),
  • show severe aggression towards others and/or property,
  • experience symptoms of PTSD due to severe trauma and are unable to function in daily activities, 
  • need to detox from substance abuse, or
  • experience psychotic episodes that are affecting their quality of life. 
Learn More About the Youth Inpatient Program

Our Youth Residential Treatment program is for adolescent girls ages 12-17. Your teen may need residential treatment if they:

  • experience chronic depression or anxiety,
  • have ongoing suicidal thoughts,
  • harm themselves,
  • have been hospitalized several times,
  • have been in day treatment several times,
  • continue to relapse with drugs or alcohol, or
  • emotional and behavioral disruption in the home.
Learn More About Youth Residential Treatment

Outpatient Mental Health & Behavioral Health Services

Unlike inpatient or residential treatment, your child will remain at home and attend a program or visit a clinic for an extended time period. All of our outpatient providers specialize in treatment for youth. 

HMHI has behavioral health clinics and programs that offer therapy, medication management, counseling and support, and neuropsychological testing. 

We also offer two day treatment programs: Kidstar (ages 5-12) and Teenscope (ages 12-18). Some children and teens will transition to day treatment after they’ve been released from the hospital for their mental health condition. It’s an intensive outpatient program that provides psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and therapy sessions for children and teens for 8 hours a day.   

Outpatient Criteria for Your Child or Teen

Your child or teen may need to attend therapy or take medication (if therapy doesn’t help improve their symptoms), if they:

  • experience depression symptoms without suicidal thoughts or feelings,
  • have negative self-esteem that affects their everyday life,
  • have relationship problems
  • have anxiety or panic attacks, or
  • experience extreme stress at school or at home. 
Learn More About Therapy & Medication Management

Our Day Treatment programs are for children and teens who:

  • are suicidal,
  • have suicidal thoughts or feelings without actually planning to end their life,
  • stop attending school or are failing their classes,
  • self-harm without suicidal intent,
  • act defiant towards family and others,
  • use/abuse drugs and alcohol,
  • struggle with behavioral problems in multiple settings, or
  • have mental health disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.) that aren’t improving with therapy. 
Learn More About Day Treatment

Consult Clinics

The Consultation Access Link Line to Utah Psychiatry (CALL-UP) offers patient-centered consultations between primary care physicians and psychiatric specialists.


Contact HMHI about Our Youth Mental Health Programs

We want to ensure that your child gets quality care that best fits their mental health needs. If you’re not sure which mental health program is most appropriate for your child, please call us at 801-583-2500.

If your child is experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviors or is in immediate danger of harming themself or others, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 or Utah Crisis Line at 801-587-3000.

Mental Health Resources for Teens & Children in Crisis

We are here for your family when you need us the most.  Our team of professionals are trained in: 

  • mental health crisis management,
  • suicide prevention, and
  • emotional wellness.

HMHI provides the following specialty programs and resources for you and your child to prevent mental health crises and provide emotional support when needed. 


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