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Your Health Care Appointment

When you go to an appointment with your health care provider, they will ask you for your insurance information. Your health insurance card has important information. Please make sure you bring it to every appointment.

Know Your Benefits Beforehand

Because you may need prior authorization for some benefits or information about what services and providers are in network, you should contact your insurance if you need help with understanding your benefits.

Most health care services and insurance providers have staff members specifically to help you find the information you need.

Understanding Your Health Insurance Card

Example insurance card

You receive an updated health insurance card regularly depending on your insurance type. This card has important information that will:

  • help your health care providers bill your insurance,
  • charge you the right copay, and
  • make sure your health insurance information is up to date.

Most of all health care service providers will accept insurance information. We will bill your insurance for the service University of Utah Health provides. This does not mean that the service is considered in your network. Please call your insurance to confirm.

Information on Your Health Insurance Card

Note that insurance cards can look different. The important information, however, should include the following:

1. Insurance company name. The insurance company name and plan type are in the top header of the card.

2. Member name and number. The member name is the name of the person who is covered under the insurance plan. The member number helps insurance providers quickly identify the person and their insurance plan benefits.

Other information that could be included in this section is the subscriber or policy holder name. The subscriber is the individual who signs and is responsible for a contract with a health insurance plan.  

3. Group number. The group number identifies what group you are part of in your insurance plan. It helps identify your benefits in that specific plan.

4. Effective date. This date shows when your insurance coverage begins (or start date). It may not be listed on your insurance card. If you don’t know when your insurance coverage began (or becomes effective) you can get this information from your insurance provider.

5. Insurance contact information. Your insurance company contact information is listed on your card. Call your insurance company if you have questions about:

  • Finding an in-network provider,
  • Figuring out if a service is in-network or out of network, and
  • Finding answers to any other questions about your health insurance benefits.

Note: There may be different insurance cards and phone numbers for these benefits:

  • Prescriptions
  • Dental
  • Mental health

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