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If you...

  • need assistance with MyChart, please contact the ITS Service desk at
  • need patient records, please visit the Medical Records & Information Release page
  • need information concerning health care, please call University of Utah Hospital Customer Service at 801-581-2668
  • need assistance with anything concerning Pulse, please contact the Pulse Team
  • have a question/comment about a patient survey, please email Mari Ransco
  • have a question/comment about a recent experience with the University Hospital, please email Mari Ransco
  • want to leave a review, please email Mari Ransco
  • want to be removed from a physical mailing list, call the number listed on the item
  • want to be removed from an email list, please click the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of the latest email

Please DO NOT submit an email to hscwebmaster concerning any of the above items. The above items do not fall under the webmaster's purview.

If you...

  • encountered a broken link
  • found a spelling error
  • need information updated on a page
  • need a calendar event changed

Please submit an email to explaining what you need/found and be sure to include the url of the page in question.