Helping Burn Survivors Begin the Healing Process

Camp Dates

Adolescent River Trip
June 6-11, 2020

Young Adult Trip
June 25-28, 2020

Camp Nah Nah Mah
August 7-11, 2020

Pre-school Camp
August 11, 2020

Applications open on January 5, 2020

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The University of Utah Health Burn Camp Program was established in 1993 to help support burn survivors with the personal challenges associated with surviving a burn injury.

We currently run five different programs geared toward specific age groups, providing a safe and supportive atmosphere for everyone involved.

Each of our programs uses self-esteem building, teamwork, and peer interaction to create a fun environment conducive to healing. Our camps provide the tools needed to not only survive your injury, but to also thrive in your recovery.

Burn camp is a wonderful way to begin the healing process. Burn camp staff are made up of professional nurses, firefighters, physical therapists, and volunteers. In addition, all have participated in a national camp training program and complete mandatory yearly background checks. The safety of your child is our number one priority.

The decision to send your child to camp at a young age can be very overwhelming. We specialize in taking the time needed to make the camp experience an enriching one, catering to the needs of each survivor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who gets to go to camp?

All burn survivors ages four through adult can apply to attend our age-specific programming. Due to environmental rules we are only able to accept 17 survivors on the adolescent river trip. Applications are accepted to attend camp based on assessment of the camper as a burn survivor.

Camp Nah Nah Mah, ages 6-12, still requires an application but we are not as limited to space, and the type of programming offered allows for burn survivors that may be well adjusted to their burn injury to be part of our programming. Our program goals are to provide a trip that builds self-esteem, teamwork, and personal goal achievement.

I am not sure if my child should attend this trip because their burns are not as severe as others.

Burn survivors all differ in their abilities to manage the stress of a burn injury. The size of the survivors injury does not correlate to the amount of stress they may feel during the re-integration phase after discharge. Does your child wear a swimsuit in public areas? Does your child have trouble talking about their burn injury with others? Has your child been teased about their burn scars? These and many other challenges can arise for the adolescents after burn injury.

Not all burn survivors need camp, but many survivors do and don’t ask for help. Please be specific with your application information as it does help us to have a better understanding of how to best build a program that is personal to each survivor.

I am concerned about my child’s safety.

Safety is our number one priority! We have maintained a spotless safety record for over 23 years of programming. Bumps and bruises are part of the camp environment however, and we staff a fully burn trained medical staff for each of our programs. Minor dressing changes, physical therapy, and medication management are part of our daily programming at each camp.

Each of our age-specific programs contain some level of adventure sports, and they do have risks associated with them. To maintain a high level of safety, we hire a professional company with over 30 years expertise to guide our group river trips. All attendees are provided education about safety, and water program attendees must wear a PFD (life jacket) for all water activities. In addition to river safety all camp staff complete staff training from and background checks prior to each trip.

We live in another state, but want our child to attend camp. How does that work?

We have many campers that travel from different states every year. We are able to pay for flights and arrange transportation needs. We have a nice system set up for camper pick up and drop off at the airport with complete supervision. If you feel your child needs this trip, please don’t let the distance make the decision for your family. Call us for a more detailed discussions.

How can I donate?

Please visit the giving site to make a donation.