Meet Our Burn Camp Staff

Thane Allred

Hi, my name is Thane Allred. Some of my favorite things to do are camp, hike, fish, whitewater raft and kayak, canoe, snowboard, and mountain bike ride. I was a river guide and back country trip leader for four years while in college where I learned a lot of back country/wilderness first aid. My wife Michelle, my two daughters (ages 9 and 12), and I enjoy a few multi-day river trips every summer. I have played and coached ice hockey for most of my life and I would call it more of an addiction than a hobby.

I have been a burn nurse at BTICU for three years. I got involved with burn camp my first year by being a counselor at Camp Nah Nah Mah. I thought it would be a good way to get a perspective on burn survivors and what the burn unit was all about. What I discovered was that being at burn camp is very beneficial and therapeutic for me. It really recharges my battery and reminds me that what happens in the burn unit is really important on so many different levels. I also love to be the center of every water fight and really don’t believe that any of you will be able to throw water as well as me!

Colby Carper

Hi, my name is Colby. At times I am known to let my hair down and party it up. I live with my beautiful and talented wife, Emily, and my sidekick, Hank. We enjoy traveling and exploring the countryside in our Mercedes Sprinter—yeah, we are VAN PEOPLE.

My hobbies include shredding lines—free heel style, placing a cam in a sweet crack—alpine style, and perfecting the art of furniture building. I have a long ways to go to become the next Sam Maloof… I love life and the opportunities that it brings each day. I enjoy every minute when exploring the land with my wife and my "Citizens" my college buddies. I love being a nurse on the burn unit and the experience of meeting burn survivors. It is a truly special job, and I am amazed at the strength of my patients, and I am energized by their ability to push through the difficulties of life.

Doug Clapp

Hi my name is Doug Clapp. I have been involved with the burn camp program for the past 12 years. I have been on the river a total of six times, four times as a camper and twice as a counselor. I have also been involved with Camp Nah Nah Mah for the past eight years. The first four years I was involved in the Counselor in Leadership Training (CILT) program.

I am an adult burn survivor following an injury when I was nine years old. I have work at the burn center for nearly four years now as a nurse’s aide. I am currently attending SLCC in the nursing program working towards getting my RN.

I really enjoy being outdoors and camping, hiking, fishing, and gardening. I also enjoy school, studying, and playing video games. As a camper myself this is something that I look forward to every year! I am looking forward to having an amazing year at camp getting to know everyone better and getting to grow as a member of the motivating, strong, and unique burn family. BCR!!

"Ratch" - Ron Fife

I've been married for 32 great years to Karin, an incredible, beautiful, and smart woman; we have six children, which range in age from 21 to 33. Two girls are married, and we have six grand children. I was born and raised and currently live in Salt Lake City.

I have been with the Salt Lake City Fire Department for over 34 years and work as a division chief in the special operations division. I have been with the burn camp program for 18 years and love it. I enjoy camping, skiing on water, and snow, and I enjoy remodeling and building things. I like traveling and seeing historic sites. I really like getting together with family members and playing games. I always enjoy a good practical joke and a good laugh. I enjoy relaxing and reading a good book.

Darren Orr

My name is Darren Orr. I'm 46 years old and married to a wonderful woman named Mindy; we have two kids, Brittney who is 24, and Mitch who is 17, and a grandaughter, Desi, who is two. I was born and raised in California and moved to Utah in 1986. I love to travel, golf, and play the guitar.

I have sponsored burn camp for the last 19 years through a magazine I used to publish for the City and County Firefighters call "Backdraft". After being on the sidelines for so many years, I was completely thrilled when Brad called me to be a counselor four years ago, and I'm most looking forward to making new friendships, deepening old ones, and seeing what new adventures this year brings. Go with the flow!

Kristen Quinn

I'm Kristen Quinn, I have been a part of the burn center team since 1993, working as both a child-life specialist and a professional counselor. I have been a part of burn camp for that same amount of time. This has been an honor for me as well as working as a reminder that the work we do at the burn center is important. Seeing the kids grow into adults who are contributing members of the community continues to renew my passion for this work.

I also have two great kids and a fabulous husband who are willing to share their mom and wife with camp, because they understand how important it is.

Samuel K. Thompson

My name is Samuel Thompson, and every year for the last several years, I look forward to the time in the summer that I am going to spend with my burn camp families. As a camp counselor, I love to bring my high energy and enthusiasm to camp with hopes of it rubbing off on our campers and my fellow camp staff. Beyond the countless activities and fellowship, camp for me is a time to mentor, lead, share, and grow, all while having a blast with my campers.

During my 11 years in my profession of medical sales, I have had the opportunity to meet and work with amazing burn survivors and very committed medical burn staff across the country and internationally. Almost daily, I am fortunate to witness strength and courage of patients and survivors overcoming their traumatic injuries as well as compassion and selfless dedication from their care providers. I am blessed that my life is enriched by these amazing individuals that truly can rise above anything.

In addition to the time I spend with University of Utah Health Burn Camp Programs and the Northwest Burn Foundation, I am also affiliated with Africa Burn Relief and was recently able to coordinate a burn prevention program in Malawi, Africa. I really enjoy traveling and experiencing different cultures. I like spending time socializing over a great meal, cooking, and taking advantage of what the outdoors have to offer. I try to live with both eyes open, giving 100 percent to all the adventures and personal encounters that come my way and hopefully give back in life as much that I am fortunate to receive.

Carla Weaver

Hi my name is Carla Weaver. I have been involved with burn camp for the last eight years and have been down the river twice. I am very excited to be going down the river this year. I am the nurse practitioner in the burn outpatient clinic, and burn camp is the highlight of my job. I look forward to seeing the kids that I have worked with through some of their hardest challenges playing and laughing together. You are all a true inspiration.

I love to be outdoors biking, hiking, camping, boating, and snow skiing. I also love to cook, do crafts, travel, play sports, and garden. I have a wonderful supporting husband and an almost 1-year-old boy who I love very much and love to be with.

Brad Wiggins

My name is Brad Wiggins, and I have been the involved with burn camp for the past 19 years. I have an amazing wife and two beautiful children. The first year I came as a counselor, and the very next year I became the director. Being the director is a challenging but also very rewarding job. I love burn camp for many reasons, but the biggest reason of all is being able to help young adults to recover from their injuries.

I have been working in the burn unit for 18 years now; some days you feel like you never want to come back. Camp helps me to keep things in perspective. I love being able to have a week a year of nothing but fun with people that I have seen in pain. Burn survivors are the most amazing people in the world to me, and I look forward to having fun with each and everyone of you who comes on the trip. Oh, one more thing—please help me to get Mitch wet all week.

Melissa Withers

My name is Melissa Withers, and I have been involved with burn camp for over 11 years! I have three amazing children ages 12, nine, and seven. They keep me very busy! I am currently in school at SLCC and look forward to transferring to the University of Utah next year. I am blessed to have a very supportive family who helps make sure I have made it to camp every year.

I enjoy running, hiking, camping, and all sports! Even though I have participated at Camp Nah Nah Mah for over 11 years this is my first year on the river. I am so excited to have been asked on this adventure.

I got started with camp after my nephew was seriously burned 14 years ago. I saw how the camp helped him cope with his scars, and I knew I had to get involved. What these camps do is amazing for the kids and us as staff. I have developed many cherished friendships over the years and consider the camp staff as my second family.