Management & Personalized Treatment Plans

ACHA Comprehensive Care Center

For adults with congenital heart disease, University of Utah Health provides the best care, working closely with our patients to make sure they are regularly monitored. Because of advances in the field of cardiology, adults with congenital heart defects can lead fulfilling lives at the highest levels of wellness.

What Is Adult Congenital Heart Disease?

Congenital diseases or birth defects mean that a person is born with that disease. Congenital diseases or defects develop when a fetus is still developing; they don’t develop later in life. Congenital heart disease happens when someone is born with defects in parts of their heart or in the blood vessels around their heart. Even though a baby is born with congenital heart disease, this disease may not be diagnosed until later in life.

Adult congenital heart disease is common. About one in every 150 adults has congenital heart disease.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease & Pulmonary Hypertension

Some patients with congenital heart disease will develop pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs) that can lead to other health problems and can affect how your heart works. Our adult congenital heart disease providers also work closely with University of Utah Health's Pulmonary Hypertension Program to provide coordinated care for these patients.

Conditions We Treat

We treat the following conditions:

  • Obstructive defects
    • Aortic stenosis (AS)
    • Pulmonary stenosis (PS)
    • Bicuspid aortic valve
    • Subaortic stenosis
    • Coarctation of the aorta (coarct)
  • Septal defects
  • Cyanotic defects
  • patent ductus arteriosus
  • tetralogy of fallot
  • Ebstein’s anomaly
  • D-transposition of the great arteries (D-TGA)
  • congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries (L-TGA)

We also treat single ventricle conditions including the following:

  • tricuspid atresia
  • double-inlet left ventricle
  • heterotaxy syndromes

We treat Marfan syndrome and other forms of aortopathy including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Loeys-Dietz Syndrome.

Heart Disease & Pregnancy

Women with heart disease during pregnancy need additional medical care and oversight to stay healthy. Our adult congenital heart disease providers work closely with doctors in maternal fetal medicine and anesthesia to improve communication, identify problems early, and help women prepare for labor and delivery.