Preventing & Treating Heart Problems

Preventing & Treating Heart Problems

Our program specializes in preventing and treating heart problems, with a focus on preventing heart disease in the first place. We also help patients recover and finish rehabilitation after having heart problems. Patients receive a comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment, and—based on these results—our team of physicians, nurses, exercise physiologists, and nutrition experts work to create an individual plan and educate patients on how to improve their heart health.

Our patients have a lower risk for recurring heart disease because of our preventive cardiology education programs. Our education programs also improve patients’ lifestyle and quality of life. To find out if you can participate in this program, contact us.

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  • Evaluation for heart disease risk factors (factors that increase your chances of developing heart disease)
  • Exercise prescriptions
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Stress management
  • Medication education
  • Cardiac rehab

Our cardiac gym has a variety of equipment for patients recovering from a heart attack or other heart disease. We evaluate patients for their heart disease risk factors and create a plan that can help prevent future heart problems.

Gym Equipment

  • Four treadmills
  • Four bikes (two recumbent, two upright)
  • Two elliptical trainers
  • One arm ergometer
  • Chest and back resistance training machine
  • Leg resistance training machine
  • Free weights

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