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Baseline Concussion Testing for Sports & Athletes

At University Orthopaedic Center, we offer baseline concussion testing before the start of the athletic season for athletes.

What Is a Baseline Test for a Concussion?

Baseline concussion testing records an athlete's normal cognitive and physical skills, including the following:

  • memory & problem-solving skills,
  • attention span,
  • reaction time,
  • balance,
  • visual performance,
  • muscle coordination, and
  • other skills.

By measuring an athlete's normal performance before a sports season starts, health care providers can compare these recordings after a sports season is over (or even after a single game) to see if an athlete may have a concussion. 

Baseline testing can also help health care providers identify athletes who have higher chances of getting a concussion. In doing so, health care providers can help athletes and their coaches create injury prevention strategies.

Impact Test For Concussion

Our concussion specialists offer ImPACT testing. This is a computerized, neurocognitive assessment test that measures attention span, memory, reaction time, and problem-solving skills. This test costs $20. Call the orthopaedic center at 801-587-7109 to schedule your test.

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